Wakan Tanka

The meaning Wakan Tanka is the Sioux name for the Great Spirit or Great Mystery. It’s meaning is also known as “the divine” and “the sacred”. Wakan Tanka is the creator of the world or universe; believed to be the All-Providing One. This Spirit is paid reverence as providing for the needs of everyone. This reverence … Read more

The underworld

Through Shamanistic communication according to some traditions the dead live in an underworld, which is not too happy, resembling this word, but darker. There is much hunger because descendants failed to give offering from their good hunting. The life of the Inuits was like that, and they expected it to continue in similar manner after … Read more


The character of the trickster is prominent in Native American mythology even though it has a far reaching history in that it is considered to be a general god archetype. Joseph Campbell called the trickster “the chief mythological character of the Paleolithic world.” Carl Jung referred to the trickster as the expression of a “preconscious” … Read more


Legends relating to various plants vary from tribe to tribe. One cause of such variance is tribal location. Mythology concerning the origin of tobacco is an example of this. To tribes in the south-east portions of the United States where tobacco was a native crop it had a sexual association because of its power to … Read more

The Sun dance

Before it was forbidden the annual Sun Dance was held by many American Native tribes, practically all of the Plains Indian tribes. It was performed in the summer, usually in late July or early August, after the buffalo hunts. The Christian missionaries along with the federal government sought to prohibit the dance after seeing of … Read more


Sukias were healer and also could work sorcery. They came to the older people of South America, sometimes three times a week but they seldom come anymore. They would cure people. When asked, they also worked spells. They also instructed people how to find and do things. They were never wrong, but must be paid. … Read more