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The art of interpreting the character and destiny of an individual by the lines in the human forehead. The term originates from the Greek metopon. It was developed by the renown physician, mathematician and astrologer Jerome Cardan (1501-1576).

His work of over 800 illustrations of the face was illustrated in an edition published by C. M. Laurenderiea titled Metoposcopia libris tredecim, et octingentis Faciei humanae Eicomibus complexa; cui accessis Metampodia de Navis Corporis Tractalus Craecs etLatina nunc primum editus (Latetiae Parisorum, 1658).

Although these interpretations were confined to lines of the forehead (confined with astrology) Cardan was a forerunner of the Physiognomy developed by J. K. Lavater (1741-1801).

Source: 9.

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