Protection Symbols and Their Meanings – Ancient, Wiccan, Magical Signs against Demons and Evil

For many centuries, ✅ancient symbols of protection have been a source of psychological and mental relief to many people who have faith in their powers.  These signs and beliefs exist in every culture and have thrived throughout history. The same symbol can mean different things in cultures.

However, the similarity between these symbols is that they protect people from evil spirits, demons and negative energies. They come from different spiritual paths, including Norse, Wiccan, Egyptian,  Pagan, Celtic, Witch, Native American, Judaeo-Christian and many others. Besides, each magical symbol has a different energy and function.

Moreover, security is one of an essential need of humans. One can’t enjoy any of the pleasures of life if he or she does not feel safe. Since the beginning of time, symbols and protective signs have always been created to ward off bad luck and evil.

They were a part of everyday existence for people from numerous all over the world from the days of old when danger lurked around every corner. The threat might come in the form of the disease, wild animal, injuries or war. Divine protection was a source of hope when there is no remedy.


Ancient Protection Symbols and their meanings




The pentacle is one of the ancient protective symbols of the Wiccan religion. It is made of the pentagram enclosed in the circle.  The circle surrounding the star symbolizes the connection and mutual relationship between the elements. It is also believed to evoke the aura or energy field that surrounds the body.

Contemporary pagans believe that the five points of the star represent the four elements. They are fire, water, air and earth and the fifth element of “spirit or self.”

Worn as a symbol of faith and as a protective glyph by pagans and Wiccans and pagans. The pentacle has been regarded as protective since medieval times.

The five points represent the five wounds of Christ while the Circle of Power cast a spell of protection. It is one of the most potent symbol of protection from evil energies and attacks from spirits and demons. This symbol is in designs, especially jewelry.


The Eye of Horus

the eye of horus

Also known as the Eye of Ra, the Eye of Horus is one of the most enduring protective symbols in history.  The symbol has its origin in ancient Egyptian amulets and artwork and represents divine power.  The people believe that the All-Seeing Eye protects anything it looks upon.  The Eye also symbolizes eternal life and rebirth through the myths of the Sun God (Ra). That is why it is in decorations in Egyptian tombs.  As a protection symbol, it is commonly an amulet against ill-wishers and evildoers.

According to history, Horus was the son of the god Osiris and his wife (and sister).  He was the god of healing and protection.  People of Ancient Egypt believe his Eye watches over the faithful wherever it was placed. It was painted on coffins to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife.  Pagans embraced the Egyptian belief of the Eye of Horus and wore it as a protective talisman. They also believe it has healing powers, which makes it a common decoration for protective amulets and other designs.




Also known as ‘Egyptian Cross,’ this is one Wiccan symbol for protection. The Ankh signifies life, immortality and eternal life in many cultures.  Egyptians often refer to as the “key of life.” It is prevalent in the tombs of the Pharaohs. The Egyptians are also said to regard as a symbol of the powers of the sun. As well as conception and the start of a new life.

In Latin, it means ‘cross with a handle’ (crux ansata). It also depicts the union of the God and the Goddess. It also represents the infinitive creative power of the universe.


Triple Moon

triple moon

This is the most sacred representation of the Moon Goddess (Mother Goddess). It is a symbol of feminine power and the connection of women to the Moon Goddess.  It signifies the three stages of the moon- waxing, full and waning- that the Goddess goes through every month. (This has also a relationship with the female menstrual cycle). The triple moon also symbolizes the maiden, mother and crone stages, which are the three phases of womanhood.

These ancient protective symbols are the triple goddess in some traditions. The first crescent or waxing moon signifies rejuvenation, new beginnings, and new life. The full moon is in the center of the symbol. It represents the period when the magic is it’s most potent. The waxing moon comes last. This crescent symbolizes the waning moon, and it’s a time to do banishing magic and send evil away.




The triquetra symbol represents the holy trinity. Wiccans regard as a knotwork that protects from evil.  It has also a connection between the mind, body, and soul. Celtic pagans believe it is the three realms of the earth, sea, and sky. It also signify the triple goddess.

The uniqueness of this symbol to the Wiccans is that it depicts the power of threes. Which is in line with the Wiccan beliefs.

The Origin of the triquetra dates back to the 11th century. It was in Nordic and Celtic inscriptions. It was also in Germanic coins and Swedish runes.

Also referred to as the Celtic Shield, the Triquetra is sometimes a protective symbol by Pagans and Celtic Christians. The circle also represents eternity as it has no end.




The hamsa is an ancient palm shaped popular amulet to protect. It is very commond in jewelry.


Other Protective Symbols

  • Cross- Christians holds the cross as sacred. It represents Jesus Christ’s love and ultimate sacrifice.
  • Crescent Moon- This is the most sacred symbol of the Islamic religion. It represents victory over death and evil forces.
  • Two-Headed Eagle- The double headed eagle symbolizes authority power and the all-seeing Gods of the skies.
  • Dream Catcher- Chases away bad dreams and only let good ones pass through.
  • Dragon- In some oriental cultures, the dragon is a protective force (it represents the devil in other religions).
  • Horseshoe Said to bring good luck and ward away evil.
  • Om- A Hindu term used as a sacred prayer to wake up one’s consciousness.
  • Spiral- Symbolizes positivism and prosperity in most cultures.
  • Unicorn- Legend depicts this creature as a symbol of wisdom, healing, eternal life and power.
  • Wish-Bone– The English believe this signifies good luck and they often make a wish as they break it into two.
  • Hecate’s Wheel– associated with the goddess Hecate in the Greek religion and tradition, the wheel symbolizes power, life. It also represents the three aspects of the goddess which as a maiden, mother and crown. This makes it popular among feminists.
  • Solar or Sun Cross– Cross with equal arms and a circle surrounding it. It summon the power of the Sun and get rid of negative energy.
  • Scarab: From Egyptian mythology luck and protection image.


Protection Symbol for family

The triquetra (father, mother,child) is the sign that represents the family protection.


The protective symbol from Evil

The evil eye is the protective sign from evil.



There are numerous protection symbols from cultures all around the world. People use a symbol not only as jewelry (see protection amulets and protection talismans), but to also connect with the spirit on a deeper level. Many provide a greater understanding of the spiritual world as well as protection.

Protective Symbols ascribe a layer of defense against supernatural and physical enemies. They have proven both popular and effective and provide mental peace to the wearer.  These symbols hold different meanings for each, based on culture.