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The Mystica is an ancient Online Encyclopedia of knowledge. It contains information about ancient Mythology (African, Roman, Greek, Asian, Greco Roman, Egyptian, Buddha, Hindu, Native American and South American) myths, gods, Folklore, Ancient, Past and Present Beliefs, Paranormal, Occultism, Religion, Dreams and general knowledge. The objective of the Mystica  is to objectively describe ancient, past and present ideas, definitions, concepts, beliefs, and practices in the worlds of the occult, mysticism,  paranormal and general knowledge.

The information in the Encyclopedia is organized in the following sections. Each section contains articles that cover the topics with definitions, ideas, related articles and also related external sources.



Mythical-Folk Sections: Mythology Topics

Gods, godesses, myths and stories articles section. Definition, ideas and related concepts.

All the categories and the most popular articles.


Mythical-Folk Home | Index | Topics


African Mythology

African Myths and stories


Asian Mythology

Asian Myths, stories and legends


Buddha Mythology

Buddha myths, stories and legends


Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian myths, stories and legends


Greco Roman Mythology

Greek and Roman myths, stories and legends


Greek Mythology

Greek Myths, Gods, Godesses, stories and legends.


Hindu Mythology

Hindu myths, stories and legends.

kali ma


Native American Mythology

Native american stories, traditions, folklore and legends.


Persian Mythology

Persian stories, myths and legends.


Roman Mythology

Roman mythology, stories, traditions, folklore.


South American Mythology

South american folklore, myths, traditions and stories.


Mystica Sections : Other

All the categories and the most popular articles.


The Mystica Home | Index | Topics



Doctrine and experimental study of chemical phenomena developed from antiquity and throughout medieval times and that sought to discover the constituent elements of the universe.


Ancient Beliefs

Ancient definitions and concepts.



Articles related to buddhist concepts, ideas and beliefs



Articles about christian, christianity and christianism.



All about demons and demonology.



Methods of divination of the past and present.

Popular articles:

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Dream meaning and interpretation.


Goddess and Witchcraft

Famous ancient goddess and withcraft women.


Goetia Spirits

All the Spirits of Goeitia.


Great Mysteries

Great mysteries unresolved.



Hindu religion, ideas, concepts and beliefs.



Articles related to islam religion and beliefs.



Jewels and sacred jewelry.



Jewish articles and beliefs.



Magic definitions, concepts, ideas and beliefs.


As Above So below


Neo Paganism






Past and Present Beliefs 




Religions and Sects 


Rituals and Texts 


Sacred Geometry 






Protection symbols

Buddhist symbols

Satanic Symbols


Healing Crystals





Article contributions of our reader with topics related to the encyclopedia.


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The true nature of the gods is that of magical images shaped out of the astral plane b mankind's thought, and influenced by the mind.


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