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The Mystica is an ancient Online Encyclopedia of knowledge. It contains information about ancient Mythology (African, Roman, Greek, Asian, Greco Roman, Egyptian, Buddha, Hindu, Native American and South American) myths, gods, Folklore, Ancient, Past and Present Beliefs, Paranormal, Occultism, Religion, Dreams and general knowledge. The objective of the Mystica  is to objectively describe ancient, past and present ideas, definitions, concepts, beliefs, and practices in the worlds of the occult, mysticism,  paranormal and general knowledge.

The information in the Encyclopedia is organized in the following sections. Each section contains articles that cover the topics with definitions, ideas, related articles and also related external sources.


Mythical-Folk Sections: Mythology Topics

Mythology | African Mythology | Asian Mythology | Buddha Mythology | Egyptian Mythology | Greco Roman Mythology | Greek Mythology | Hindu Mythology | Native American Mythology | Persian MythologyRoman Mythology | South American Mythology


Mystica Sections: All non Mythology topics

Alchemy  | Ancient Beliefs | Books | Buddhism | Christianity | Demonology | Divination | Dreams | Goddess and Witchcraft | Goetia Spirits | Great Mysteries | Hinduism | Islam | Jewelry | JudaismMagic | Neo Paganism | Other | Paranormal | Past and Present Beliefs | People | Places | Quotes | Religions and Sects | Rituals and Texts | Shamanism | Stones | Theosophy


A special mention to many articles about sacred geometry jewelry :The shapes and geometric patterns that represent the formation of the universe and all things in the world and free psychic reading online an article about all that represents the clairvoyance and its business.


See also the encyclopedia in spanish version. Some of the articles translated and others completely new.

The true nature of the gods is that of magical images shaped out of the astral plane b mankind's thought, and influenced by the mind.

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