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The Well of Souls

by Count John Nicholas Sclafani

The experience I remembered vividly months later after having radical surgery from which I almost died. Suddenly it all flashed in my mind as if it was actually happening once more. I was so sick, almost wanting to let go, all of my deceased friends and family were waiting for me, plus three guardian angels who told me that I was going to watch over the "well of souls." The angels informed me they were going to guard me from harm from the other side while I watched over this well of souls. Then I knew that I wasn't ready to die; I told everybody that I wasn't ready to go. St. Francis came and told me to make up my mind. (I only heard their voices in my head, that's how I talk to the non-living if they come to me.) I said to St. Francis, "I am not going to leave yet. I'm not finished on earth yet. I am scared to let go of life to go into a realm that I'm not used to. I thought I was ready, but not now, maybe I will be soon."

I knew that I could have just let myself go, but I don't know why I didn't. Some time afterwards I called a priest at a local church and asked him what the "well of souls" was. He said that in the Catholic religion it is believed that our soul is formed, or made, at the moment of conception, but in the Jewish religion it is believed that when a person dies that soul returns to the "well of souls" to wait until it is reborn in a new body.

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