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Mysticism and Occult Links

(DISCLAMER: the MYSTICA does not endorse the services or products of the commercial sites listed below. They are listed for informational purposes of the visitors.)

Ancient & Lost Civilizations:

Ancient and Lost Civilizations

Places of Peace and Power
Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Places of the World

Site of 3,000 + Mythical Beasts


The Alchemy Virtual Library
An Alchemy Research Site

Alchemy Symbol
Interesting Alchemy Symbols and jewelry


& MANJUSHRI-MANDALA (Established 1975):
A Site on Astrology, Buddhism, Tibetan Art, Psychedelic Research,
New Age, Ireland, Hans Taeger

your gateway to understanding

Colin's Kabbalah Links
Site of Hermetic, Jewish, Christian, Mystic Kabbalah and Occult Links

Bnei Baruch Kabbalah
Education and Research Institute

Site of Kabbalah Talismans, Amulets, Prayer, and Black Magic Protection

The Kabbalah
Interesrting Kabbalah Page and Jewelry

Magic & Occult:

The FreeEncyclopedia of Thelma
(A Project of Scarlet Woman Publishing Scarlet Woman Lodge OTR)

Occult and Magickal Site

Magic Spells, Love and Black Magic Spells, Talismans and Amulets
Occult Site

Spiral Nature
Philosophical and Occult Site

The Order of Phosphorus
Initatory Guild of the Luciferian Path


Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition
Site of Mysticism and Magic

The Metaphysics of Mysticism
A Commentary of the Mystical Philosophy of St. John of the CrossJ

In Light Times
Navada's Longest Running Metaphysical Publication

Advancing Esoterical Knowledge

Sacred Phallus Worship
Site of Beliefs of Phallus Worship

Paganism & Wicca:
The Meeting Place for the Occult Community

Friendly Wicca Website With Much Info


An Occult Site

Roots of the New Age Movement
A Site of New Age Philosophy

A Rainbow of spirituality
A Learning and Sacred for all Pagan Paths

Gnostic com/Horus.html
News of Wicca and Occultism

Witchcraft - World of Wicca
Witchcraft the Wonderful Craft of the Modern Day Witch


Nostradamus Online
Site of Book Nostradamus Code

Path of the Psychic
Become Psychic - one step at a time

Accurate Psychic Readings, Tarot Readings and Astrology
Accurate Australian psychics, mediums and clairvoyants offer tarot card readings and psychic readings to help you answer your questions. Our Astrologers provide free horoscopes utilising their astrology skills to guide you every day of the week.

Psychic Experiences
Site to Publish Your Psychic Experiences

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