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There are over 890 articles presented. Initially this volume seemed small to other on-line encyclopedias, but the encyclopedia's objectives are not small, they still are universal. The first objective is to objectively describe past and present ideas, concepts, beliefs, and practices in the worlds of the occult, mysticism and paranormal. By doing this, the MYSTICA hopes to achieve its second objective, which is to educate. To many people the regions of the occult and mysticism are strange, and often even thought to be sinister. But when the truth about these phenomena is revealed they are usually seen and understood differently. Also the practitioners of such phenomena may be seen differently too. They usually appear to be ordinary people holding different ideas.

As the encyclopedia developed other sections were opened. The newest of these sections in the encyclopedia is "Hinduism," which attempts to describe and explain the practices and beliefs of the Hindus, as well as showing relationships between the religion and occult and mysticism.

The section of "Great Mysteries" contains places where occult and mystical occurrences have happened such as Atlantis, Avebury, Stonehenge, the Rollright Stones and other mystical phenomena. By describing such places it is hope to acquaint the visitor with the environment surrounding such phenomena.

Another area that was opened the paranormal section dealing with the occurrences of psychic phenomena such as ESP (extrasensory perception), Kirlian photography, and Psychokinesis (PK).

The encyclopedia intends to have a writing section named the Mystical Enchantments. This section will contain public announcements and information about sites and events concerning the worlds of the occult, mysticism and paranormal in cyberspace. It will also house poems and short works as submitted by visitors. This is an area for personal experiences, feelings and views. Short works such as invocations, blessings and poetry will be considered too, but when from another source the source must be given.

Lastly, and perhaps most of all, the MYSTICA hopes to be entertaining. Knowledge just for its own sake usually does not mean much or do much for the visitor, but if the visitor finds an idea or practice which he likes and wants to explore it further or revisit the encyclopedia, then the encyclopedia's purpose has be fully achieved. Visitors can also ask for further information on a particular topic or related topics even not yet in the encyclopedia by using the feedback option.

Some of the topics you will find here, are about:

These and other questions are answered in the encyclopedia which is far from complete. New articles will be added regularly. Visitors are invited to return to view the new additions. Visitors are also invited and encouraged to submit articles of their own which will make the encyclopedia grow faster. Rules for submission of articles appear on the main menu. There are just a few of us working on this project, so all help and feedback are graciously accepted.

Finally, the MYSTICA, like her new sister-site Mythical-Folk on the MYSTICA.ORG will be always opened to everyone and forever free.

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