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Eckartshausen, K. Von

Eckartshausen wrote The Cloud on the Sanctuary (1800). He was by birth and education an intensely religion man who wrote several small devotional books that were popular in France and Germany. It was later that he wrote larger and more profound works such as the one mentioned above. According to Eckartshausen, the requisite faculty of true communion with the church is the inward conception of things spiritual and with this sense present, is possible the beginning of Regeneration understood as the process of gradually eliminating original sin. His work on the Interior Church is in two parts: first, elucidation of his doctrine; second, a series of dogmas or assertions derived from that doctrine.

Aleister Crowley gained the description of the Great White Brotherhood from The Cloud on the Sanctuary, which made him determined to joined this brotherhood and advance to its highest degree. A.G.H.

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