Crystals: Pretty Stones Believed to Have Healing Powers

What are Crystals?

Crystals are these stunning stones you might have heard of, like quartz, amethyst, and even diamonds. People have thought for ages that these stones have some kind of special powers to make our bodies and minds feel better.

How Do Crystals Work?

Okay, so here’s the thing: scientists haven’t really proven it, but some folks believe that crystals send out good vibes that can affect our health. These vibes supposedly come from the colors of the crystals. So, for instance, if you have stomach issues, people might say wearing a yellow crystal could help.

Using Crystals

People use crystals in all sorts of ways:

  • Wearing them as fancy jewelry
  • Putting them around their homes
  • Soaking them in water to make a special drink

What Can Crystals Do?

Those who swear by crystals claim they can do a lot of stuff, like:

  • Help you relax when you’re stressed
  • Boost your creativity
  • Give you better dreams
  • Some even think they can give you psychic powers!

Are Crystals Magic?

Some folks use crystals for magic or fortune-telling, but there’s no real proof that they work that way either.

Are Crystals Safe?

Usually, yeah, crystals are pretty safe to mess around with. But don’t go thinking they can replace actual medical treatment for serious health issues. It’s always best to talk to a real doctor for that stuff.





Crystals have became synonymous with the New Age philosophy. Included within this category are clear and colored quartz as well as semi-precious and precious stones.

Since the 1980’s such stones have been used as amulets and talismans possessing reputed healing and magical properties.

Although such paranormal properties have not been scientifically proven those using the stones firmly believe that these properties are caused by the stones emitting vibrations.

The modern belief in crystal power is a reassurance of an ancient belief. Past civilizations valued crystals for their alleged protective powers against disease, bad luck, evil, and sorcery; and for their physical and mental healing powers.

Crystals were worn as amulets and in breastplates by ancient people. European nobility, especially during the Middle Ages, wore crystals to ward off the plague. The stones are used against bad dreams, dissolve enchantments, and were mediums for magical visions. (see Divination) It was even believed that bruising crystals with honey would fill breasts with milk.

Presently crystals are worn as jewelry in pendants and rings, and even carried in small pouches as in ancient times. They are placed around the home and office, and crushed or soaked in water for gem elixirs.

The benefits of using crystals are said to be the alleviation of stress, stimulation of creativity, enhancement of dreams, and the awakening of the psychic powers and higher consciousness.

In some types of healing therapy crystals are laid out in particular forms on the chakra points and energy meridians of the human body. In alternative medicine they are used on animals as well as humans.

Crystals are used in the work of the occult and magic too. In divination they may be cast in lots or selected. Also, they are used in crystalomancy and meditation. 

Some crystal enthusiasts believe certain stones such as clear quartz can be «programmed» to perform certain functions.

There are certain procedures for such programming, one is to «clear» the stones by immersing them in salt, then exposing them to sunlight, then «programming» the stones through meditation or concentration. Some stones are classified as «double-terminated» or having points at both ends, and are claimed to be stronger in mystical powers.


Gem Healing Properties

Agate, (brown): Said to harden gums and protect vision.
Amber, (yellow; orange): Improves poor eyesight, deafness, dysentery, throat afflictions, hay fever, and asthma.
Amethyst, (purple to blue-violet): Antidote for drunkenness, gives piece of mind.
Beryl, (green; yellow; blue; white): For liver complaints, diaphragm.
Bloodstone, (green and red): For hemorrhages, nose bleeds.
Carnelian, (red): For hemorrhages, nose bleeds, purifies the blood.
Chrysolite, (olive green; brown; yellow; red): For fevers, nightmares.
Coral, (red; white):Stops bleeding; helps indigestion disorders, epilepsy in children, ulcers, scars, sore eyes.
Diamond, (white; blue; yellow): For coughs, mucus, lymph system disorders, toothaches, insomnia, convulsions.
Emerald, (green): For eye diseases, (an eye wash can be made by simply steeping an emerald in water), and general healing.
Garnet, (red): For asthma and blood diseases.
Jade, (green): For kidney diseases, stomach pains, blood purifier, muscle strengthener., urinary problems, eye diseases (an eye wash can be made same way as with emerald).
Jasper, (yellow; green): For stomach pains, nervousness.
Lapis lazuli, (deep blue to azure; violet-blue; green-blue): Lapis lazuli, Lapis linguis: For eye problems, helps attune higher spiritual vibrations, vitality, strength. Lapis linguis: Cholera, rheumatism.
Moonstone, (light blue; resembles opal): For «watery» disturbances, dropsy, gives strength.
Opal, (red to yellow; black; dark green): For heart, eyes, bubonic plague, gives protection and harmony.
Pearl, (white): Soothing, dissipates anger.

Rose Quartz
Ruby, (red): For pains, tuberculosis, colic, boils, ulcers, poison, eye troubles, constipation.
Sardonyx, (red; brownish red; black): For mental and emotional effects, banishes grief, brings happiness.
Sapphire, (blue; violet): For eyes, boils, rheumatism, colic.
Topaz, (green to white; green; blue, red): For vision, hemorrhages, bleeding.
Turquoise, (blue; blue-green; green): For vision, and promotes youth.




Historical evidence exists shows that crystals have been in use for thousands of years. These crystals were used for protection, healing, and spiritual purposes too.

Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Japanese people incorporated crystals into their healing methods and culture. These crystals were also associated with their gods and used as a spiritual tool.

Even during the Renaissance period, some crystals were seen as semi-precious gems with healing properties that could cure illnesses.


How Do a Crystal for healing Work?

Even though there is no strong scientific evidence to reinforce the claim that crystals have healing abilities, there is an explanation for how crystals work. Crystal healing experts and crystal therapists state that humans have energy points.

This energy is drawn out by electronic devices, environmental factors, or emotion. Crystals can hold energy within them, therefore by holding onto a crystal.

Placing it close to you or on your person, some of the energy in the crystal is released. The released energy is absorbed by the individual and is used to heal the body and mind. Hence, crystals have an energizing effect on some of its users and also improves their moods.

It is important to note that this evidence is not backed up scientifically. Some people who have tried using crystals have felt no impact.


Tips for Choosing Crystals


  1. Know the crystal

Before or after buying your crystal, try to get a better understanding of the crystal and its healing properties. By doing this, you will be able to find out what benefits you can expect from the crystal and harness the benefits.

Apart from gaining the benefits of the crystal, you will be able to gain knowledge on how to take care of the healing gems.

Crystals can be recharged or re-energized. The methods used to charge crystals vary according to the type of crystal. By reading about your crystals, you will be able to make the best use of your crystal and make sure they last a long time. Improving your knowledge of crystals will make them worth the price you paid for them.


  1. Choose the Crystals that Attract You

Most of the time, researching crystals can enlighten you on the benefits of using healing stones.  However, performing research first can cause you to eliminate crystals that could be of help to you.

To get the best crystal for you, buy crystals in person and buy the stone that you are drawn to. Some people experience a surge of energy when holding some particular crystals.

It is recommended that you buy crystals in person, get a feel of the stone and see how you feel holding the crystal.


  1. Buy the Best Quality Healing Crystal

Like almost every other product you buy, a crystal is available in various grades. To harness their full healing power, buy the best quality possible.

It is important to note that the best quality may be more expensive than the generic stones you can find for cheap online.

Some crystals being sold as ‘untreated’ have been altered to fit a certain aesthetic or look. To avoid being cheated by retailers of false crystals, do your research and find a trustworthy seller. Furthermore, you can join online forums, find trusted retailers and make your purchases from the trusted websites.


  1. Decide What You Want from Your Crystal

When buying a crystal, you should have a clear intention for purchasing crystals in mind. Having an intention for your crystal will influence the stone you buy, where you use it and how often you use the crystal.


  1. Placement Matters

The place where you put your crystals affects how they work.  When you do your research on a crystal, you will be able to understand where and how to use it.

Crystals that help to remove negative energy and relieve anxiety are suitable for office use, especially if that is where you feel anxious.

Crystals like Rose quartz are a great addition to any bedroom. This Is because raw rose quartz is a good crystal for emotional healing.



The Best Healing Crystals

What You Should Know about the Color of Your Crystals

Crystals can be found in hundreds of shades and shapes. However, some crystals have similar healing properties. One way of identifying a crystal with similar properties is by color. The color of a crystal can sometimes accurately represent the properties of the crystal.

White or clear crystals:

The crystal in this color tend to have a harmonizing and healing effect. They are good for healing, strengthening and meditating.

Yellow crystals:

Yellow healing stones are said to affect the nervous and immune systems. For this reason, these crystals can be used to get rid of nervousness, improve moods and even enhance digestion. These crystals can also provide a feeling of warmth and hopefulness.

Red crystals:

These are energizing healing crystals. Wearing them or keeping these in your living area can increase your focus and drive. Furthermore, courage, feelings of self-worth and fearlessness can be gotten with the use of red-colored crystals.

Pink crystals:

Pink colored crystals have the most effect on emotions. Used properly, pink crystals can help you express your feelings better, have self-love and attract love like the rose quartz.

Blue crystals:

Some blue crystals have a soothing effect. This is ideal for people with anxiety and individuals that suffer from panic attacks. These crystals are also recommended for recovering addicts as blue stones can encourage emotional healing and consideration for others.

Green crystals:

Green crystal can affect fertility, potency, growth, health and improve the nerves of its user.

Turquoise crystals:

The  crystal in this color have an effect on emotions, memory, feelings or anxiety and even weight loss

Brown crystals:

These crystals tend to have an impact on nerves. It provides a calm and grounded feeling. In anxious situations, these crystals can also cause you to feel rested and comforted.

Black crystals:

These have protective properties; they help to ward off negative energies.

The colors of a stone can serve as a rough guide in helping you choose a crystal. Significantly, most of these stones are said to have an impact on the mind and emotions but not the body.




Cleansing Your Crystal

When you buy a crystal, it is recommended that you cleanse it before use. This is because the energy that the crystal has within it may be linked to the last person that handled it.

Even when you begin to use the crystal, you should cleanse it regularly to get rid of negative energy, recharge and enhance the effectiveness of the crystals.

The methods for cleansing a crystal include:

  • Washing crystals in water.
  • Leaving the crystals under a full moon at night.
  • Cleansing with smoke from burning sage.
  • Burying your crystals to ensure the earth absorbs all negative energy.
  • Laying the crystal on other crystals to remove unwanted energy.
  • Some crystals do not need cleansing and can be used to cleanse other healing crystals.


How you can use a crystal for healing

Healing crystals can be used in many ways, these include:

  • Put crystals around the home or living area

You can harness the energy of your crystal by putting the crystal in places where you want them to be effective in the home. Place cobalto calcite and Larimar in your bedroom for emotional healing.

You can place stones like amethyst, Black Tourmaline and clear quartz close to you or on your bed to improve your sleep, immune system and emotional balance.

If you would like to have crystals in your living area, there are many home décor items made using crystals. This ensures that the crystal is in the area where you need it and matches your home décor as well.

  • Place Crystals on your body

Experts at crystal healing recommend putting crystals on the chakra points of the physical body to alleviate symptoms of an ailment. Crystal therapists also rub crystals all over the body to reduce negative energies and promote healing.

You could also have the crystals on your person at all times by wearing healing crystals as jewelry or leaving the crystal in your pocket.

  • Use crystals to meditate

Daily Mediation has been promoted as a tool for spiritual and physical healing. One way to get the full benefits of crystals is to hold them or have them on your person while meditating.

Meditating can help you achieve a sense of focus and calmness. Moreover, this is the state in which the positive energy of the crystal can be used and enhanced. Stones like clear quartz, rose quartz and Selenite crystals are suggested for meditation.

  • Create a crystal grid

Unlike the other methods for using healing crystals which are simple to do, this is a more ancient and practiced method for using crystals.

Creating a crystal grid involves laying out crystals in a geometric pattern to project the energy of the crystals and strengthen the healing potential of the stones. Properly created, a crystal grid has the potential to provide consistent nourishment for the mind and healing for the body.

To create an effective crystal grid, you will have to read articles and books on this subject. This will require time and understanding of crystals and sacred geometry.

My crystal has changed colors, why is that?

After some period of use, some crystals can become a little lighter, darker or even become transparent. Here are some reasons why that happens.

  • Light: The color of your crystal may look different in various types of lighting. This does not affect the use of your crystal.
  • Exposure to light and air: Some crystals begin to change color when exposed to the natural elements for a prolonged period. This is natural and in this case, you can continue to use the crystal.
  • Energy charge: One common question among people new to using crystals is ‘why is my crystal cloudy’? Some things can cause this, one of them being recharging your healing stone or a transfer of energy.


Pros and Cons of Crystals

Here are some advantages:

  • The crystals provide non-invasive treatment – Unlike medicine that has to be ingested, a crystal has to be placed in your immediate environment. Furthermore, if they are not effective, you will not have done any harm to yourself.
  • Most crystals are inexpensive- Healing crystals are not dirt cheap, but they are inexpensive enough to buy without breaking the bank. These stones are great for people who are just beginning to work with crystals and are trying to find the stones that work for them.


  • There is no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of crystals as healing tools. Some people have found success using healing crystals, and other people have no success using crystals.
  • Crystals that have not been properly cleansed can have negative effects. Using crystals without cleansing them can cause mood swings.
  • They are not proven to be effective in treating more serious illnesses. Crystals can be dangerous if used as a replacement for modern medicine when treating life-threatening ailments.


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Final words

Using a crystal have become very popular. Celebrities also promote it. Despite the lack of scientific evidence, users of a crystal can testify to the effectiveness of these stones on the minds.
If you would like to try crystal healing, find a reputable seller and be open minded.
Healing may not come immediately. But with continued meditation and optimism, it is possible to be affected by the crystals. The advantage to trying this method of healing Is that there are no serious side effects of using crystals.