Cain of Gnosis

As seen in Luciferian Witchcraft Cain is believed to be the son of Samael and Eve, not Adam, produced from The Rape of Eve. Cain is the son of Samael who is believed to be Satan. Samael was the consort of Lilith who shared his nature and therefore also may be called the mother of Cain. Cain is considered the gateway of mankind just as the Gnostics considered the Devil the liberator of mankind.

The Devil and Cain with others were heroes to the Gnostics for helping to free mankind from the demiurge, the Christian God-creator of the world, who entrapped the spirit of man within matter; this belief was encompassed in a secret knowledge called gnosis. This was a spiritual gnosis but the gnosis of Cain was more concerned with the physical world. It is claimed when arriving at Nod the Devil proclaimed Cain the first Witch. Cain sharing the nature of both Samael and Lilith may be considered the first Witch blood; therefore, he is by nature both the Sun and Moon, light and darkness, essential characteristics of the magician. He was of the earth, sacrificing things of the earth which were unsatisfactory to God. It should be remembered both Cain and Abel both volunteered to make sacrifices to God, both thinking he would accept them equally but he did not. To many this is another of God’s selfish nature.

God’s acceptance of Abel’s offering and not his seemed unfair to Cain sparking hatred in his heart leading him to kill Abel. Thus, he became the first murderer, the first man to defy God by killing something that was belonging to God for personal satisfaction. Aleister Crowley claimed this act, the slaying of Abel, placed the mark, frequently called the mark of Cain, upon Cain’s brow which is thought to be the mark of the Beast described in the Apocalypse and used as the mark of initiation by several traditions (The Book of Troth).

Cain is the man of the earth, the reason he sacrificed things of the earth to God instead of himself as Abel did. He chose to possess the earth. In this way he differed from both Adam and Abel, they submitted to God, Cain did not. Adam submitted to God’s sentence; Abel submitted himself to God’s will through the sacrifice of his animals. This was the characteristic of Cain’s antinomian nature that he kept what valued the most to him, himself, for himself. Like Adam and Abel Cain is also of the spirit, but does not submit to it instead his interest is of the physical. Adam maybe the progenitor of mankind but Cain is the father of civilization, mythical builder of the first city. Some say this was why God in war always wanted his men to sack the cities, the strongholds of people on earth.

A major purpose of a city is to house people. Thus far in the Bible there were Cain and Able and their parents. Even though they were supposed to have lived over hundreds of years by some accounts, Adam and Eve alone could not have filled the earth. At some time Cain reached maturity and developed sexual desires. As far as it is recorded Abel begot no children. At this point we are left with three people, two men and a woman, to populate the earth. Even though modern Judaism and Christianity do not like discussing it but if the Adam and Eve paradigm is used then incestuous sexual relations must be admitted to have occurred. Cain had to have relations with Eve, his future sisters and female children. The same reasoning applies to Adam. Even today Cain still teaches people to squarely look at their past.

Some diabolical or Left Handed traditions do not consider the Devil or Satan a personification of evil, but the force of evil itself. Cain too might be considered this way. He is the opposite of good. This also coincides with the Craft’s theory polarization, the world composed of cohesive positive and negative energies. Unlike the Right side the Left side does not place much credence in the lie because things are perpetually changing which creates motion to advance things. Only rigidity maintains the status-quo, the truth, the lie; renegade flexibility, the nature of his mother, which became Cain’s gnosis, promotes change and advancement. A.G.H.


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