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Tefnut, primordial Egyptian goddess of moisture, is one of the first nine deities in the¬†Heliopolitan Theological System. According to the genealogy of the priests of Heliopolis, she was created from the breath or saliva of the creator sun god Atum. She is the sister/consort of¬†Su, and mother of¬†Geb¬†and¬†Nut. Her main cult sanctuary was in Heliopolis. Tefnut, like Su, can be one of several manifestations of the “eye of¬†Re,” and as such she appeared either as a lion or in human form. According to the¬†Pyramid Texts, she created pure water from her vagina. In a different context she took the form of a snake encircling the scepter.¬†A.G.H.


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