The Seed of Life Meaning – Sacred Geometry pattern, Cycle Symbol and Jewelry

The Meanings of the seed of life symbol

The seed of life meaning is a sacred geometry pattern and symbol that represents the seven days of creation. The life cycle of a seed. Its meaning is the unique and universal symbol and pattern for creation.

The first step of creation begins with Octahedron creation in the context of the Seed.

This is followed by spinning the octahedron on its axes, leading to the formation of a sphere. The consciousness of the Creator exists in the circle thus formed. It is a type of sacred geometry.

the seed of life

Also, the consciousness of the Creator goes on the circle’s surface. It leads to the creation of sphere via the same process earlier adopted in creating the octahedron, transforming it to a sphere
The Creation of the second sphere depicts the creation of light by the Almighty God.
The second circle was on the surface of the first. Leading to the formation of two circles crossing each other at the centers.
This translates to a shape called Vesica Pisces. This pattern is a geometrical formula representing the electromagnetic spectrum of light. You should recall that the first thing that God created was light.
Many aspects of creation spreading across seven days represented in this pattern. It is by repeating the process of transforming new octahedron to the sphere.
The new shapes display in the form of geometrical structures. They come out of the vortex motion due to the repetitive creation of many more Vesica Pisces. The seventh day of creation ends with the last of the sphere created from the octahedral shape


Origin of the pattern

The Seed symbol is the origin of all. Some even consider it as the stage preceding the essence of the Flower of Life.
The Flower of Life leads to the formation of the “Fruit of Life”. And the Fruit of Life is as the blueprint of the universe.
It contains everything in existence, including life form, molecular structure, and an atom.  As a result, everything in existence can be founded on this seed shape.


Recognition in major religions

The Seed of Life pattern divided the entire Hebrew alphabets into its correct order via geometric interpretations.

A cabalist’s group originating from France did it in the 13th century.  There is a strong similarity between the resulting alphabets and that of Rashi, the Religious sage.

This period corresponds to the time Rashi wrote his commentaries on the Old Testament in France.
All religions use the Seed. It is in several original sites, like:

  • The ancient Osirian temple located in Abydos Egypt,
  • Kabbalah prayer books,
  • Churches,
  • Synagogues.

The Osirian temple is the source of all the major mystical studies and religions.






The pendant is a symbol of protection and blessing. It passed through several generations. Also, the pendant contains the secret of the creation process, which took place in seven days.  Some other people also wear it as a symbol of fertility and blessing.

From the points mentioned above, it has been shown that this symbol is more or less a universal symbol of creation.

Its name alone gives an insight into its purpose and deep meanings.  Encoded into its makeup is an entire cosmology of consciousness. Its importance to life is deep and beyond the description of a single write-up.


Gold pendant



Silver Pendant


Silver pendant with gemstones



The ring is a symbol for protection in pregnancy as it is the first pattern of creation. The creation of the universe.

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Gold Ring


Silver Ring


The shape

The seven circles of the Seed of Life pattern depict human chakras, musical scales and even the colors of the rainbows, which are all seven in number.

It also forms the foundation of the infinite nature fractal. The shape is easy to draw with little practice.

The newly added circle finds its center at the meeting point of the pre-existing circles. New circles are added until they become seven in number. And the final shape represents the Seed of Life symbol.

This sacred geometry symbol is a unique arrangement of circles producing a perfect and beautiful formation of circles.

Many scholars have agreed that there is something magical about its shape and form. Also including its factual and mystical depictions. One needs to connect the dots to discover the hidden mysteries of this unique symbol.

By taking a closer look at its shape, one can discover an unending language of harmony, proportion and shape all contained in these forms. A closer look at the shape will showcase a series of Hexagons and Triangles.

This shape is multidimensional it is not just 2D.  Encoded into the Seed are also the 3D forms of the shapes, like the cube and tetrahedron.


Deferring opinions

The Seed of Life, as described above, stands for the seven days, steps or stages of creation.  Some schools of thought believe that the actual process of creation comes from radiation.

A vibrating pattern of space or electromagnetic radiation. They are of the opinion that the “days of creation” is just a symbolism. It is something beyond ordinary human explanation and understanding.

This set of schools of thought also believe that there is no actual moment of creation or “Big Bang”. They insist that the process of expansion or creation starts in every moment of time.

This is irrespective of how far into the future or the past and location in space.
Be that as it may, all the schools of thought believe that the Seed of Life is an essential essence of creation. And that it represents everything related to the entire creative process.

Keep in mind that virtually all elements on earth, both the real and conceptual, come from the Seeds of Life.  Some of these are:

  • The seven musical notes,
  • Seven chakras,
  • The seven in religion,
  • Seven days of the week,
  • The seven rainbow colours,
  • And seven personalities.