Rosa Mystica 3 roses Meaning

The Rosa Mystica, which means «Mystical Rose» in Latin, is a very important symbol in Christian tradition, especially in Catholicism. It has a long history and is highly respected.


Meaning and Religious Significance

The term Rosa Mystica means «mystical rose» in Latin. It’s used to talk about the Virgin Mary in Christian art.

  • Symbolic Representation: The Rosa Mystica is a symbol of the Virgin Mary. It represents her purity, beauty, and grace. It shows how special and mysterious she is.
  • Historical Origin: The term came from a vision that St. Elizabeth of Schoenau had. She was a German mystic from the 12th century who saw Mary holding a rose, which meant she was really beautiful in a special way.
  • Marian Apparitions: The title became even more famous after Mary appeared to someone named Pierina Gilli in Montichiari-Fontanelle, Italy, between 1947 and 1966. This led to the creation of the Sanctuary of Mystical Rose – Mother of the Church in that place.
  • Iconography: In pictures of Mary, she’s often shown with three swords or roses. The roses are usually red, white, and yellow, and they each mean something different about her.
  • Feast Day: It is celebrated on July 13th every year. This day is important because it shows how special Mary is in the church’s calendar.


The virgin mary with 3 roses


What’s the Message of Rosa Mystica?

The main message of Rosa Mystica can be simplified into three important things: prayer, sacrifice, and repentance. In later appearances, the Virgin Mary was seen wearing white clothes with three roses on her chest. On July 13th, she asked for the 13th of each month to be set aside as a special day to honor her.


The Origin and History of the Term

The term Rosa Mystica comes from the visions of St. Elizabeth of Schoenau, a German mystic who lived in the 12th century. St. Elizabeth saw a vision of the Virgin Mary holding a rose. Mary told her that the rose represents her special beauty, and she asked St. Elizabeth to call her «Rosa Mystica» from then on.

Afterward, people began using the term to talk about the Virgin Mary in different religious artworks, songs, and stories.


Mysteries of the holy rosary


Understanding the Symbolism of the Rose in Christian Tradition

The rose holds a special place in Christian beliefs, particularly in Catholicism, where it symbolizes the purity and beauty of the Virgin Mary. This symbolism is deeply rooted in the idea of Mary as the «mystical rose,» representing her grace and spiritual significance.


Why the Rose is Important in Catholic Tradition

In Catholic teachings, calling Mary the «mystical rose» highlights her exceptional role in the faith. It underscores her purity and spiritual beauty, emphasizing her connection to God and her importance in the salvation of humanity. This title is honored through prayers, hymns, and artworks that celebrate Mary’s unique qualities.


The Connection with the Rosary

The concept of the mystical rose is closely associated with the rosary, a form of prayer devoted to Mary. By praying the rosary, Catholics reflect on the life of Jesus and Mary, deepening their spiritual connection and finding solace in times of difficulty.

Prayers and Hymns Dedicated to Mary as the Mystical Rose

In Catholic tradition, there are numerous prayers and hymns that honor Mary under the title of the mystical rose. These expressions of devotion serve to strengthen the faithful’s bond with Mary and reaffirm her special place in their spiritual lives.


Celebrating the Feast Day of Rosa Mystica

On September 8th, Catholics commemorate the feast day of the mystical rose. This occasion is marked by various celebrations and traditions, including bringing roses to church and participating in religious services and processions. It’s a time for believers to reflect on Mary’s significance and seek her intercession in their lives.


Images of mystica rose: Iconography and Symbolism

mystica rose

For centuries, artists and iconographers have used the term to describe depictions of the Virgin Mary in Christian art. Various forms of art, such as paintings, sculptures, stained glass windows, and icons, have featured the image.

The symbolism of the image goes beyond just the rose. It is often shown with a white veil or gown, which symbolizes her purity, and a halo or crown, which represents her status as Queen of Heaven.

Some images also feature the infant Jesus or other saints, which can add layers of meaning and significance.

3 roses

Images of the Virgin Mary often depict her holding a rose or surrounded by three roses

The 3 roses are symbolic of her mystical beauty and grace:

  • The red rose is a symbol that represents penance and prayer for religious transgressions committed by priests.
  • White rose symbolizes religious perseverance.
  • The golden rose is a symbolic representation of penitential prayers offered on behalf of «Judas-priests» – those who have betrayed the cause of Christ.


Rosa Mystica Prayers: Devotions and Practices

Many Catholics have a deep devotion to the Virgin Mary, and they may incorporate prayers and other devotions into their spiritual practices. These prayers can take many forms, including novenas, litanies, and other forms of devotion. They are often used to honor her and ask for her intercession in times of need.

Prayers often emphasize her mystical beauty, purity, and grace. They may also include references to roses, which are symbolic of the prayers of the faithful. Some prayers also ask for her help in specific situations, such as illness, family troubles, or financial problems.


The different types of prayers and devotions 

There are several types of prayers and devotions associated with the mystical rose. One of the most common is the Rosary, which is a form of prayer that is devoted to the Virgin Mary. The Rosary consists of a series of prayers that are recited while meditating on the life of Jesus and Mary.

Another popular prayer is the Litany, which is a series of petitions and invocations that honor the Virgin Mary as the mystical rose.

People may also engage in other devotions to honor her. Such as reciting novenas for nine consecutive days, attending special Masses, and participating in processions. Some Catholic communities also celebrate the feast day on September 8th with special events and festivities.


The significance of prayers in Catholic tradition

Prayers to mystica rose are an important part of Catholic tradition, as they provide a way for Catholics to honor the Virgin Mary and ask for her intercession in times of need. Many Catholics believe that praying to it can help them to deepen their spiritual connection to Mary, and can provide them with comfort and guidance in difficult times. These prayers are often seen as a way to express devotion to Mary and to seek her help and protection.


The use of rosaries and other prayer beads in devotion 

Mystica Rosa is commonly associated with the popular prayer known as the Rosary, which people often recite using prayer beads. The use of prayer beads helps individuals keep track of their prayers, and it can deepen the meditative aspect of the practice. Along with the Rosary, people may also use other types of prayer beads, such as the Chaplet, during their devotional practices.


How prayers can be incorporated into personal devotional practices

Prayers can be incorporated into personal devotional practices in a variety of ways. Some Catholics may choose to recite the Rosary daily, while others may incorporate prayers into their regular prayer routine. Some Catholics may choose to pray the Litany or other devotions as part of their daily prayer practice.

It is also common for Catholics to seek the intercession of the mystical rose in times of need. This may include praying to her for healing, protection, or guidance. Catholics may also ask for her help in specific situations, such as family troubles, financial difficulties, or illness.


The power of prayers to provide comfort and guidance in difficult times

Many Catholics find comfort and guidance in prayer, especially during difficult times. Praying can strengthen their faith and connection with the Virgin Mary. It can bring a sense of hope and encouragement, as Catholics believe Mary will help them.

When struggling, praying to mystica rose can bring peace and trust that their needs will be met. Catholics also express gratitude through prayer, as they believe that Mary is always there to help and guide them.


A prayer sample

Oh Mary, Mystic Rose, Mother of Jesus christ and also Our Mother. You are Our hope, strength and consolation. Give us from heaven, your maternal blessing, the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

God saves you……

Immaculate Virgin, Mystic Rose, in honor of your divine son we prostrate ourselves before you, imploring the mercy of God. Not for our merits but for the kindness of your maternal heart, grant us help and grace with the assurance of listening to us.

God saves you….

Mystic Rose, Mother of Jesus, Queen of the Holy Rosary and Mother of the Church of the Mystical Body of Christ, we ask you to grant the world, torn by discord, unity and peace and all those graces that can change the hearts of all your children.

God saves you….

Mystic Rose, Queen of the Apostles, you have around the eucharistic altars, arise many priestly and religious vocations to spread with the holiness of their lives and with apostolic zeal the Kingdom of your son Jesus all over the world. Pour out, O Mother, upon us, your heavenly graces.

God saves you….

God Hail, Queen and Mother … Mystic Rose, Mother of the Church, pray for us.


hail mary


The Meaning of the prayers

In the mystic rose prayer, the meaning of the colors of my frosts are:

* The silver ones: in them I show you the magnanimity of my heart. Ask me whatever you want.
* The golden ones: in them I announce that I lean towards the weak one; I’m going to heal something spiritual, physical, psychological or moral.
* The blues: in them I want to announce my closeness. I’m with you, I’m present.
* The greens: they are a song for you to open to hope. I will act in God’s favor. Wait on God.
* The red ones: in times of trials offer me a sacrifice; remember I love you.
* The transparent: the path of humility is the path that leads to liberation. Be humble and simple. In these attitudes, my heart expresses itself.
* The aquamarines or iridescent: it is the way; However tortuous it may be, I want to announce that I will be with you on that road. «


Frequently Asked Questions

How to get rosa mystica statue from Italy?

There are two main suggestions:

Is Rosa mystica approved by the church

No, there is not any official approval of the church about it. However, it had the acceptance of the local bishop Ven Pope Pius XII.

Why is mary called mystical rose?

A rose is associated with purity and beauty. Mary is considered both beautiful and pure.

What is the powerful secret of Rosa mystica?

There is not any accepted «powerful secret» linked to Rosa Mystica or the apparitions reported at Montichiari-Fontanelle. But some people believe that these apparitions are genuine and carry spiritual significance.  Any supposed secrets or messages related are viewed as private revelations and aren’t officially recognized by the Catholic Church.

How to draw a mystic rose

In this video you will learn how to make it.