Protection Talisman

Protection Amulets and Talismans

Various protection symbols are used globally by different cultures and religions across the globe to ward off evil and also to initiate positive forces of the universe in favor of the wearer. In this write-up, we will look at the common items being used today in making talismans for protection.

Bear in mind that the talisman items of today have their origins dating back to ancient times. The sacred talismans and amulets have also been proved to work as desired.


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The evil eye

The evil eye is among the oldest of all the symbols used in making talismans. It had been around for more than 5000 years now, which means it is older than civilization. It was commonly used by people from, Mesopotamia and Egypt in ancient time.

A talisman bearing this symbol is believed to protect the wearer from evil eyes that can cause death and sickness. It protects against problems like:

  • Stomach pains with nausea and dizziness
  • Acute nagging fear or dread and the fear of things going wrong.
  • Heavy eyelids, neck pain, and headache

Despite being called foolish by many, the evil eye continues to grow popular among those making talismans.


The eye of Horus       

Another name for the Eye of Horus is the All-Seeing Eye. The symbol is ancient like virtually all other symbols used in making talismans.

There was once a link between this symbol and the occult. Today, it is being used in modern witchcraft for granting good health, spiritual protection, prosperity, and wisdom.

Furthermore, the symbol can increase clairvoyance power of the wearer and protect against all manners of evil for as long as the wearer has it on.


Four-leaf clover

The four-leaf clover can be worn as a talisman to bring good fortune. It remains one of the most powerful talisman symbols around the symbol is sacred to the Trinity and was also commonly used by the Druids to ward off evil. The wearer can possess clairvoyance power by using this symbol.


Star of David

The star of David is also referred to as the Seal of Solomon. It had been in use since the Bronze Age and became one of the most prominent symbols of Judaism. It is a six-pointed star used by alchemists and the Druids. The Druid priests used it for protection against evil ghosts.



Sapphires are gems worn as a talisman to bring contentment, peace, and harmony to the wearer. They can protect the wearer from psychic attacks, the Evil Eye, violence, enemies, fraud, and misfortune. Some individuals, however, use them as fashionable jewelry.



The symbol of the rattlesnake is yet another commonly used for making talismans. The symbol can bring sexual power and increase wisdom to the wearer. Additionally, it can protect the wearer against the Evil Eye.


Hand of Fatima

Another name for this talisman for protection is Hamsa. It is represented by an eye centered on five-fingered hand spread open.

This image is supposed to bring good luck to the wearer, aside from defending him against bad luck.

It is usually used by Muslims, and it is made to honor Fatima, who was the most beloved daughter of Prophet Mohammed. In Islam, it is believed that Fatima is among the only three women that can enter heaven.

  • The thumb of the five-fingered hand represents Prophet Mohamed;
  • The first finger stands for Fatima
  • The middle finger stands for her husband
  • The remaining fingers stand for her two sons



Pyramids usually symbolize talismans for protection. Wearing or carrying such a symbol around will attract good luck, increase psychic awareness, increase energy level and improve work habits.

The wearer can also increase his wisdom and balance emotions by wearing crystals shaped in the form of pyramids. Bear in mind that pyramid is an ancient conception and originated from Egypt.

Additionally, pyramids can speed up healing from insomnia and headache. They can equally rid the person of unhealthy habits.


Scarab beetle

This talisman object symbolizes renewal. It can protect the wearer from evil forces and also bring good luck.



This is yet another commonly used symbol in making talismans for protection. It is capable of repelling negative forces and evil. Additionally, the talisman can protect the wearer from physical enemies.



This talisman symbol represents protection and chastity. It can equally increase the sexual magnetism and fertility of the wearer. Furthermore, it can keep the wearer safe from all kinds of evil and also destroy the plans of physical enemies against the individual.


Ancient talisman objects 


The various objects mentioned below are among the most popular being used in making talisman in ancient times.


  1. Arrowhead

Any object can be used in making the arrowhead as a talisman. The arrowhead usually has a bored hole at its base through which a string or twine is passed so that the object can be hung around the neck. When worn, the wearer is believed to receive protection from evil eye and all kinds of sicknesses.

When the material used in making the arrowhead comes out of a human body, like a bone, such an arrowhead is believed to be a potent love charm. A highly polished arrowhead can also symbolize the male strength, according to American Indians.

The arrowhead talisman is beloved to absorb power, protect against the enemy and also deflect negative energy from the wearer. The potency is equally believed to extend beyond death in that they protect the wearer when the later dies.


  1. Italian horn

It is equally referred to as either leprechaun’s Staff or Unicorn’s horn. It is an S-curved horn amulet initially used by the Druids. Once worn, the wearer will encounter good fortune and good luck. Additionally, it is beloved to ward off the Evil Eye or “Maluka”


  1. Cat’s eye

It is a gemstone capable of removing hindrances and obstacles from an individual’s life. Additionally, it can ward off evil from spirits and black magic. The talisman object is equally believed to protect from the Evil Eye.


  1. Horseshoe

It is known to protect the wearer from the Evil Eye, bad luck, and sorcery, especially when it is pointing up.



The above are some of the commonly used symbols in making talismans for protection. Many of the objects mentioned above are still being used today.

They are believed to be potent, and many have even given testimonies to support that fact.