Philosopher’s Stone



Originally the Philosopher’s Stone was believed in Alchemy to be the chemical that changed base metals into silver or gold (red stone for gold and white stone for silver), often it was termed the Power of Projection.

It was first mentioned by Zosimos the Theban (c. 250-300) in the third century. Throughout the generations the Philosopher’s Stone has taken on an immense range of powers; not only has it been called the secret of life and health, but also possessing spiritual significance. The notion of its spiritual qualities expanded until in the thirteenth century a program evolved that led the alchemist through a strict devotional ritual and purification. After completing this ceremony he was thought worthy to perform his activities.



Eventually the Philosopher’s Stone was thought to signify the force behind the evolution of life and the universal binding power which unites minds and souls in a human oneness. It represented the purity and sanctity of the highest realm of pure thought and altruistic existence. It was believed that this stone had the power to cure any type of disease and therefore the immortal of that person who carried it.



The symbol of this stone is a big circle with a triangle, a square and a small circle inside.

philosopher stone symbol


How to make a philosopher’s stone


Recently, a manuscript of Isaac Newton was found, in which he copied part of the supposed process of creation of the philosopher’s stone. In it are the steps of the creation of  a fundamental substance according to the alchemists for the elaboration of said substance.


Does the philosopher’s stone exist

The philosopher’s stone really exists and is basically composed of lead, sulfur and gold with iron pyrite base, known as iron disulfide (FeS2), whose combination according to the medium in which it is found, whether it is with heat, cold, humidity or dryness thus behaves and varies its color.



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