Metatron’s Cube explained significance

The Meaning of the cube of metatron symbol

What is? Metatron’s cube is a geometric shape which name comes from metatron. The name Metatron refers to an  angel and archangel in certain branches of Christian mythology and Judaism.  The Christian scriptures and Jewish Tanakh do not. However, the Talmud mentioned him a few times.

Primarily, there was a jewish tradition mention in medieval Jewish text of the archangel Metatron. As well as several other occult and post-scriptural esoteric sources.  He serves the celestial scribe, and he is also the highest of the angels. His name was also Thoth the Scribe in Egyptian mythology. The Angel Kingdom and Gods that are extra-terrestrials according to Ancient Alien Theory.

metatron's cube

Origin and significance

Metatron is the guardian of the perfect forms. They are in everything. The cube of metatron is in the flower of life and is born from it. It represents the full inner balance.

In this article, we will concentrate on the sacred geometry pattern mystical cube and symbol. Also,  its spiritual meaning and what it is all about.


Sacred geometry  and the Metatron’s Cube explained

Simply explained it is a 2D geometric figure created from 13 circles. All of which are similar, one to the other.  The Lines are drawn to pass through each of the circles at the centre. A principal circle stands at the centre, and the straight lines to the other 12 circles pass through its centre. Six of the thirteen circles are arranged in a hexagonal form around the central circle. The remaining six extend out along the same radial lines.

In its complex sacred geometry structure the metatrons cube contains the sacred shapes known as five platonic solids: Star Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron


13 circles


There is a 2D resonance agreement between the Flower of Life and the Metatron’s Cube geometric shapes.  The Flower of Life is a sacred geometry figure, and its name refers to Metatron mentioned earlier and in apocryphal texts, like the Book of the Palace and the Second Book of Enoch.


History and Texts

The texts mentioned above place Metatron in the second position to YHVN in spiritual hierarchy.  The patterns derives from the tree of life. The talmuded excluded the tree of life from human experience during the Eden exile.

Johann Andreas Eisenmenger and some other scholars to describe it as the source of humanity’s knowledge of YHVH.  As a result, one can get a better understanding of the tree of life and other sacred geometry patterns by studying it.


How to use and create it

Orthographic projections can create many of the lines connecting the circles in the Metatron’s Cube. The lines are drawn in a pattern including a cube, a 3D projection of a tesseract. Projections of a double tetrahedron, stellated octahedron and an octahedron.

Many icosahedron and dodecahedrons also fit the pattern of the Metatron’s Cube. However, the vertices of the dodecahedral and icosahedral shapes do not have any coincidence with the central circle in the 13 circles that make it up.

Given that the center of each of the circles is a node, and the nodes are connected one to the other. The process creates 78 lines. Many other shapes can also be formed within it. Like a 2D flattened version of the popular five platonic solids.

The Metatron forms the pattern from his soul, according to early Kabbalist scriptures.


Christian art and ancient civilizations

The cubes have a track in Christian tradition. And it floats behind him or appear on his chest.  Some consider it as a holy glyph also. It can be used to ward off satanic powers and demons when it is drawn around a person or an object.

The ancient civilizations, sage, and mystics have revered this symbol through life. Its earliest history could be traced to some 13 billion years ago. And it is the ‘big bang.’

It further explains the intelligence of God in giving birth to the universe. It also opens human eyes to the expanding field of creation in every direction of space and time.


The Source of Energy

The metatron’s cube acts as the flow of energy channel via the Source of energy creates the potential field of creation. This is a field of very high vibrational frequencies with a capacity to ripple out all through Existence- Leading to the creation of physical matter, sound, and colour.

The creation of physical matter occurs at the lower levels of vibration.

It represents the field of Source energy, and it permeates through all level and aspects of creation.  It proves that God is the entire field of LOVE. Love in this context is an acronym for Live One Vibrational Energy.

It also shows that God is the physical matter, sound, color and wave described by it. Some people see metatrons cube in meditation.



Water, Air, Fire, and Earth represent channels via which God’s light expands infinitely in the shape.  These elements represent the principal substance in subsets. Like space, energy, sub-atomic particles, atom, DNA, animals, plants, humans, planets, and the solar system.


The number 13

As hinted earlier, it has 13 spheres. With all of them held together by several lines drawn through the midpoint of the central circle to connect with every other circle in the Metatron’s Cube. The straight lines name is ‘Masculine,’ while the spheres or circles name is ‘Feminine.’

Consequently, it depicts the weaving together of male and female polarities in creating the ONENESS field of the infinite ALL.

The 13 circles stand for 13 archangels, who stand before God. Each of them keeps an element of creation.

The 13 Archangels depicted are at every level of creation. From the densest of physical matter to the highest vibrational frequency pulses at the core of God. This means they are present everywhere.

By inference, the archangels can be present in every human. And they can contribute to the human existence.

They are within the humans. Humans have the power or potential to involve them through the 13 Energy Centres present in humans towards bringing balance to any of the elements.

The 13 energy centres are:

  • First is Earth gateway.
  • 2nd is Earth Star.
  • 3rd to 9th represents the primary Chakras, which create the human physical body via elements separation.
  • 10th is Soul Star.
  • 11th is the Pleiades.
  • 12th is Sirius.
  • 13th is Core of the galaxy.

The 13 spheres in Metatron Cube also represent the 13 scared keys of creation.


Sacred Geometry Metatron’s cube Jewelry

Also, as a sacred geometry pattern it has many sacred geometry jewelry jewels.



The necklace is one of the most used jewels of the metatron’s cube.



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Gold and Silver

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