Merkaba meaning

The Merkaba (Hebrew for chariot)symbol is one of the most powerful symbols in the world, and it is associated with the Aura and Prana energy field.

The Merkaba is believed to help in our connection to the higher self and spiritual growth. To understand the concept of Merkaba, it is imperative to first know the energy fields that surround the body of a human.


What Does Merkaba Mean?

  • Mer means Light
  • Ka means The Spirit or Astral Self
  • Ba means The Body or Physical self


Merkaba refers to the force of Life (Chi or Prana). This is the hidden energy exists everywhere in vast quantities. Prana gains entrance into the body through to the top our head, which explains why unborn embryos have a hole in the middle of their head.

The principal Prana looks like a tube and flows through our body. It then flows into the Chakras (eight primary centers of the body). This complex energy flow is called �turning the wheel in an Indian Sanskrit. The early Egyptians believe there are thirteen chakras and they are connected to different energy centers in the body.

The Prana fields is a three-dimensional star tetrahedron also known as the star of David. A human can utilize the ancient Prana breathing technique to rotate two or three-star tetrahedron fields in the opposite directions. With these, we create a big 17-meter energy field- our light body, the Merkaba.

Every human has meridians (branched energetic lines) reaching all the cells in the body. We also have the field of the aura (auric field) which is an egg-shaped energy field that encircles our body, and its color is changed according to our feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

Then we have electromagnetic fields in hundreds. These fields contain geometrical shapes, and each of is made up of three equal fields with the same shape and size.

What is a Merkaba?

Merkaba is a symbol, made of two-star tetrahedrons, cling to counter-rotating fields of the energy of light which envelops all humans and is said to be a perfect medium that is created to connect the body and spirit to the Divine.

It can lead to knowledge and illumination when used in medication. It is believed to help a person connect with the goodness in him, the higher being and fulfill his full potential.

About the Tetrahedron

The Tetrahedron also knew as the Triangular Pyramid is one of the five platonic shapes in Sacred Geometry and it represents the element of fire.

The other four are hexahedron (earth), octahedron (air), Icosahedron (water) and dodecahedron (universe or heaven).

The Tetrahedron has four triangular faces, four verticles, and six edges. It is connected to the Solar Plexus (the center for personal power and acceptance).

It creates the natural balance between the physical and Divine. Each side of the tetrahedron sits flat no matter how it is placed, which makes it the ideal symbol of stability and balance.


Merkaba for Energy and Centeredness

Advantages of using the Merkaba may differ significantly. It is useful for cell generation and protection. The age-hold Pranayam can improve the stream of energy through the center of the brain close to the pineal gland.

One’s mind reading, remote viewing, and other intuitive abilities can be improved by the transformed use of the pineal gland.

The incorporation of left and right hemisphere of the cerebral cortex can be developed and matched by the Merkaba.

Usually, only about ten percent or below of the brain are utilized. This exercise can enhance a human’s sensory and logical skills. One can acquire a high range of more profound spiritual and mental awareness through the use of the Merkaba.

Besides, the Merkaba can help us and others find completeness through real love. It is a means of fulfilling the peaceful and stable life we want. The degree to which Merkaba can be utilized is only limited by one’s mind.

Merkaba can be used for transporting into spiritual realms. Many foundations of the Merkaba such as from the customary Tarot cards, Bible, and the Kabbalah, that were held back for ages are now being revived and becoming popular.

Putting Merkaba jewelry is a powerful reminder of the design of the remarkable power, healing effects and spiritual defensive traits of the Merkaba.



Merkaba Jewelry has its origin in and is inspired by the potent calmness of the Tomoko Spa. It is a distinctive, top-notch geometric jewelry brand, entrenched in the simplicity of Japanese visual and in the tranquility found in the gap linking all things.

The Merkaba jewelry line combines spiritual magnitude with extraordinary artistry.  In the Merkaba, the two-star tetrahedrons are interconnected and symbolize the interconnectivity of life.

Body and Spirit- unified in the harmony of a singular form (male and female). The Merkaba jewelry emphasizes crafting sculptural and architectural jewelry designs, celebrating the importance of space- When less is more. Merkaba is the emptiness full of possibilities.

The Merkaba collection gives strength through tranquility and produces love through unity.

The interaction of masculine straight lines and feminine circles forms the Merkaba. It represents the light body that exists all around us and enables us to travel between various dimensions.

The potency of this symbol will enable you to avoid negativity in life. The Merkaba has a shielding effect and connects you with more in-depth layers of consciousness.  That is why the Merkaba can make it possible to thread our thought with time. Merkabas are excellent tools for self-healing and complex Reiki techniques.


Bottom Line

Merkaba is based on the ancient pattern of Sacred Geometry, it represents Love, which is the foundation and origin of everything, including the universe, both seen and unseen.

It is build as a three dimensional Star of David. Merkaba implies that humans have 3D interlocking triangles.

In other words, the Realms are overlapping, connecting the Spirit and the Body, an infusion of Realm Walking and Shamanic feeling.

The healer believes that the therapeutic gifts ability and powers improve. And one’s Spiritual spark is aroused.

The rare work of art of the Merkaba inspired jewelry merges the remarkable physical beauty with the Divine power of the Merkaba.

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