What does it mean when you dream about spiders

Spiders are creeping creatures and scary insects that are notorious for the web they spin to trap their prey for food. Due to this, people tend to associate spider with its web and hence, entrapment and snares.

However, coming across spiders in your dream does not always suggest being in a trap or web.  Should you encounter spiders in your dream, do well to take note of your disposition during the event.

Were you frightened? Did the spider attack you or seem poisonous? These details would help in interpreting your spider dream.


What does it mean when you dream about spiders

In most cases, when you dream as a spider, or you see a spider by itself in your dream, it implies that you are isolated. You have distanced yourself from others, or you want some solitude. Spiders are also related to entrapment, and other symbols:



Spiders hanging over your head

The dream of spiders hanging over your head is a common one among people who have experienced a traumatic event. This could be anything from an accident to a natural disaster to an act of violence. It’s important to remember that this is just one possible interpretation and there are many others out there.

This dream can mean that you feel as though you are being watched or stalked in some way. It can also mean that you feel like something is constantly looming over your head and it’s making it difficult for you to see anything else. In other words, the feeling of being trapped can cause feelings of anxiety and fear in dreams where this type of imagery appears.


Spiders in your hair

Dreaming about spiders in your hair may be a sign that you are feeling anxious and worried. It can also mean that you have been thinking too much about something and it’s time to let go.

spider eggs and baby spiders

The idea of having a baby spider in your dream is a sign of good luck, prosperity, and fertility. Many believe that the spider eggs symbolizes good luck as well.

One way to interpret the dream is that you are expecting good things and want to prepare for it.

A climbing spider

The dream of a climbing spider is a symbol that represents the fear of being trapped or losing control. It can also represent the fear of being unable to reach your goals.

Fighting spiders

One common dream that people have is a dream about fighting spiders. The spider fighting dream is usually interpreted as a message of self-defeat or low self-esteem, but it could also mean that you have an inner strength that will enable you to fight your battles with ease.

Dream with two spiders

The meaning of the phrase “dream of two spiders” is not completely understood. Some people think that it is a warning about impending danger. It can also mean having two different ideas about something and not being able to decide which one to choose.

Spider Spinning Web around You

A  spider spinning web around you in your dream might indicate female dominance or an overwhelming mother influence in your affairs. If you regularly see yourself ensnared in a spider web, it means you are perceiving ensnarement or stuck in a clingy relationship.

Alternatively, it might imply that some forces are trying to keep you at stagnation. Also, a large number of spiders all over your place stand for entrapment and controlling forces that seek to choke you.


A Stationary Spider Always Observing You in Your Dream

Perhaps, you have always seen a stationary spider in your dream, it may mean that you have a guardian angel or a strong power is guiding you from self-destructive habits or harming yourself. Take it as a latent force securing you from other dangerous things.

Keeping Spiders as Pets in a Dream

Whenever you dream of keeping spiders as favorite insects, and you are scared of them when you come across them in real life instances, it means that you are set to tackle your daily life dreads head-on.  It is high time you started scaling new barriers and take on new assignments.

Spiders Crawling Over You

Spiders crawling on you become easy to interpret when you know the side of the body on which they perched. Spiders have been known to have the feminine disposition, and if, for example, the spider is on your ear, you might need to listen to your mother or other female figures in your life the more.

On the other hand, if it is crawling out of your mouth, it might mean that you have things other control in your relationship.

Watch a Spider Spin its Web

The fact that in your dream, you were watching the spider net its web implies that your diligence will pay off in due course. You will soon move up in your career, get a promotion in your workplace or compensated for your efforts in surmounting a Herculean task.


Dream on Spider Eggs

Spider eggs in your dreams are a sign that you are yet to understand your latent abilities completely. Something is holding you from manifesting your full potential.

Nonetheless, when you see spiders emerge from their eggs in your dream, it merely implies that you are about acting out your real thoughts and perceptions.


spiders attacking you

These are bad news. It can mean there is someone who is going to betray you. Some new enemies or bad companies.

Other Symbols of Spiders in Dreams:

  • Big Spider: A huge non-deadly spider stands for influential friends who get you through bad times, but a poisonbaous spider is a sign that danger is
  • Active Spider: A spider climbing your walls indicates that your desires will soon be fulfilled.
  • Dead Spider: When you kill a single spider in your dream, that could mean bad luck
  • White Spider: Hope, healing energy
  • Hairy Spider: You may have to look beyond the surface to get answers.
  • Spots on the spider: The difficult situation will pass.



Dreams about spiders can be scary and confusing to the dreamer as it can assume different meanings. The most probable interpretation you may want to give to it is entrapment, but this might be misleading. You need to keep track of your own emotions during the time of your spider related dream to get the correct interpretation