Black Magic Spells Types

Black magic has to do with the use of magic or supernatural powers for various purposes. Black magic is usually referred to as the malicious left-hand counterpart of the white magic, which is considered to be benevolent. In this write-up, you will learn a couple of things about black magic spells types and its various … Read more


Definition and meaning From lat. late abracadabra; cf. gr. abβράξας abráxas ‘abraxas’. Kabbalistic word to which magical effects are attributed-   History and origin The origin of the word Abracadabra is not fantasy, since it was used to try to fight diseases. During the 450 BC century, the Romans suffered from a plague of malaria, … Read more

Law of Synthesis

  The Law of Synthesis, or the Law of Opposites, states that the synthesis on two opposing or conflicting ideas or pieces of data will produce a new, third idea that will not be a compromise of the original two. This law is used more in mysticism than magic. It allows one to simultaneously hold two opposing … Read more


  Warding is a magical act performed to protect a person, place, or thing. Or a magical act frequently used to guard something being planned or developed. A.G.H. Source: 78, 385

Views of Solomon’s Magic

  When the magic of Solomon is mentioned one appropriately thinks of the Biblical Solomon, son of David, King of Israel. Magical practices are ascribed to him although not mentioned in the Bible, yet a vast amount of material exists based upon oriental tradition. Although without factual evidence the depiction of Solomon’s magic remains legendary and makes it … Read more