Horoscope Libra Today

( 01 of February 2023)

(From 23 of September to 23 of October)

Today, Wednesday, your hope made sense, since that small job promotion that you so longed for could be granted. Use that intellect and flexibility that your nature of the air gives you, to convince that special person to join you. Take a deep breath, because this day in health there will be a certain degree of decay, and the only thing that could help you is rest and have peace.

The people with whom lately you had roses or disputes, today are somewhat distressed by it and it is your turn to apologize. Your pride as a Libran is strong, but remember that you must always look for a balance that is at stake today. Use your social strengths to start new projects, and always have a relationship with your work area.

Jupiter and Saturn will scatter their energy around you today. Try not to agitate yourself too much, since it will not favor you economically. If you plan to make a purchase, consult multiple sources before the final decision.