Horoscope Libra Today

( 16 of April 2021)

(From 23 of September to 23 of October)

The time to answer those internal questions that roam your nights, is today. Cite yourself as soon as possible with the oldest of your friends, as he will grant a handful of useful wisdom in your future. The constellation that is closest to Jupiter means that today you are during the last hours of the day at home. The family needs you, and therefore communicate directly with them, without keeping any hidden resentment.

In Libra health this Saturday will be strong and full of energy. Use it to perform tasks related to the field, such as plowing or sowing vegetables. If there is a garden at home, it is time to give it a little affection.

In the economic and labor area there will be nothing negative, but neither will there be any event to smile about. You will require a greater degree of preparation if you wish to improve in your company or business. Go to courses, or start the procedures for possible postgraduate studies. The biggest enemy of a Libran is stagnation.