Horoscope Libra Today

( 06 of July 2020)

(From 23 of September to 23 of October)

A day with few expectations could become very different just when you least expected it. The action of the stars on you lies in finding new adventures, or getting involved in long-range projects on a personal level. However, nothing will have a good ending if you do not have to persevere from this Monday. The doors at work level are opening their way little by little.

In matters of love, your heart is still something fractured by the past, but it is time to leave everything behind. Start a new stage of falling in love, and as opposed to your beliefs, this will be of extreme relevance. In health, you should hydrate yourself recurrently, since the intake of Mercury is prolonging the internal fatigue.

Your closest friends will have a time of distance that you will notice. Do not go after them, because this will bring a strong break with one of your relatives. They will come back at the right and necessary moment. The threads of the universe are already in full motion.