Yama, twin–alternately the restrainer, in hindu mythology is a Hindu god of death mentioned in Vedic texts. He is either the son of Vavasvan and Saranju, or Surya and Sanjna, and his consort is Dhumorna or Yami. Yama is also the judge of the dead and his twin sibling Yami is the goddess of death. When Krishna is perceived as the … Read more


Vrtra in hindu mythology is the Hindu (Vedic) god of chaos. He is believed to be a primordial being existing before the formation of the cosmos, and was slain by the goddess Sarasvati. In Hinduism, Vrtra (Sanskrit, “storm cloud”) is a dark cloud of ignorance and sloth personified by a demon serpent that was vanquished by Indra. The … Read more


Vishnu (or Visnu) is one of three great gods in Hinduism, being one of the Trimuti, the others being Brahma and Shiva. Vishnu antecedents are among the Dravidian people in the pre-Aryan past of India, and his current stature is based on the amalgamation of many traditions. Vishnu was more easily absorbed in the Vedic Aryan pantheon more easily than Shiva since … Read more


Vasyu (or Vayu) literally means “air, wind.” In the Rig Veda this god is usually linked to Indra, whose chariot he shares. Hindu exegesis states: “Agni dwells on earth, Vasyu and Indra reside in the air, and the place of Surya is in the heavens.” Later scriptures involve Vasyu in conflict with Vishnu. When the sage Narada incited the wind to break … Read more


Vasus, excellent, in hindu mythology is the generic name for a group of Hindu (Vedic) gods. They are considered eight deities attendant on Indra, the weather god, comprising day, dawn, fire, moon, pole star, sun, water, and wind. Generally they are thought to carry a rosary and possess a Shakti. A.G.H. Source: Jordan, Michael, Encyclopedia of Gods, New York, Facts … Read more


Varuna, coverer, is a major Hindu god, concerned with the secure operation of the world’s systems and of water. Lord of the asura deities, he was equated with Ahura-Mazdah. His later duty was a dikpala, guardian of the western direction. He is also regarded as an aditya, or sun god, the son of Kardama and consort of Gauri. As … Read more