The Hand of Fatima – Hamsa catholic meaning, symbol and story

What is the hamsa

The hand of Fatima also known as Hamsa Hand, is well known in this world. It is normal for you to hear other names such as «The Hand of Jamsa» (Arabic) or «The Amulet of Khamsa».

All the names quoted are valid. This is a symbol formed by a hand with five fingers. It has the middle finger right in the center. Attached to the middle finger are the index finger and the ring. These are a little shorter than the heart. But in turn have the same size between the two.

To the sides of this symbol are two thumbs, also the same size between both and that have a slope towards the outside.

This symbol is used in various Jewish cultures.

The hand of fatima

Where is

The first use of this symbol is dated 244 AD. Where it was first used in the Beit Alpha mosaics, drawn by Marian Jew and his beloved son Janine. The word Jamsa means «FIVE» in the Arabic language. Five are the fingers that make up the hand looking down.
If you want to go a little deeper into the origin of the Hands of Fatima, I recommend reading your legend a little further down. Once you know the definition of this symbol we will go a little deeper into the subject.

History and Legend

Being sincere, no one knows what the true story of Fatima’s hand is. There are too many legends and stories about the hamsa hand.
The main Legend it that a woman named Fatima was the Daughter of the great prophet Muhammad. One day she was at home preparing dinner when her husband Ali came home.
Listening to Fatima as she arrived, she went out to meet him. But she was saddened to see him, because she was accompanied by a young and beautiful woman.
Fatima became very jealous, but kept silent and returned to the kitchen. In Morocco today polygamy continues to exist. As long as you can pay an amount of money and as long as the woman has not entered into her marriage contract she will consider it a marriage break.
Fatima, feeling so sad and continuing to prepare dinner for her husband, stood in shock and was not aware of what he was doing. On the fire was a pot of boiling water and not being attentive, instead of picking up a spoon and stirring the water, he reached into his own hand.
It began to stir. So strong was Fatima’s sadness that she felt no pain as she used her hand to remove the water. At that moment her husband Ali entered the kitchen and withdrew his hand from the pot, shouting at him. It was then that she realized that she was burning her hand.
Ali took care of the hand of his wife Fatima. And the next day, he confessed that he had stayed all night with the concubine and Fatima was more sad.
That same night, Fatima watched as her husband Ali went back to the young concubine’s room.  She followed him and spied him through a crack and could see how her husband was kissing her.
Fatima began to shed tears all over her cheek. It was at that moment that her husband Ali realized that he was doing things wrong and felt very sad.
As Ali perceived that he was hurting Fatima, he left the other girl to give 100% of his love to Fatima.
From that situation, the hamsa became a very important Muslim symbol. It is much used by women to be able to protect themselves. Also to have much more patience and strength and to find in this way the fidelity of their partners.
What does the hands of Fatima protect?  What is the meaning of the hands of Fatima?

Meaning of the hamsa hand

This symbol can have more than one meaning. Everything depends on whether the hands of Fatima is up or down.

According to the Jews, Muslims and some Christians use this symbol for arria (which is their original position).


Hamsa hand up meaning

The meaning of the hand of Fatima upward is strength, power and blessing, also used against the evil eye. Also to protect the person who carries it, that is why many people called it the protective hamsa hand.

Hamsa Hand down meaning

The meaning down changes with the previous one.

It is usually used with the eye of Fatima, better known as the «Turkish eye» or «the eye of God». It often attracts luck, Patience and love to him who carries it with his fingers down, also called it «The hand of luck.»


The Amulet

Currently the hamsa hand is also a decorative element, but it has no miraculous value.

The Hand of Fatima amulet is algo on the doors of homes as a symbol of protection. In this way it protected the entire family that lived inside.

The five fingers of Jasma have the power of protection and is the lucky number of the Arab people. This symbol has no relation with Islam. In the Koran the use of superstition is prohibited. But this religion have a relationship between the five fingers of the hamsa hand and the five pillars of Islam.


Catholic meaning

Many people associate the symbol of Jamsa with the Catholic religion. But the symbol was created mainly by the Jews.
With the passage of time, many other religions and cultures were giving meaning to this symbol. This symbol is used as a talisman of protection in people.
The church itself considers that the hands of Fatima is a way of representing the monotheism of Christianity, Judaism and Islam.


Turkish eye

In the Catholic meaning of the hamsa hand of Fatima, another name is «The hand of God». It is because at first the hand only had the fingers.

But later it was added an eye in the middle Of the palm of the hand (Turkish Eye). They baptized it like «The eye of God».

For that reason the Turkish eye and the hamsa hand is something that usually is in religious symbols. To Sum up, the Christian meaning of this symbol represents monotheism according to the church. And is not a symbol that protects spiritually.


Necklace, pendants, rings and Bracelets Jewelry

There are many jewels about the hamsa hands: necklace, bracelet, pendant and ring. In different materials like gold or silver.