Apollo Lyceus

Definition of the wolf form Apollo Lyceus (Apollo as wolf-god) definition was the wolf form of the Greek god Apollo. It was honored in ancient Athens especially at the Lyceum. It was a gymnasium and public meeting place which was housed in a grove named after the god. The Lyceum distinction is that Aristotle later … Read more


Cerberus is a dog in Greek and Roman mythology who had many heads and guarded gate of Hades, the Underworld, on the other side of the Styx to prevent the residents of the Underworld escaping.   Origin and meaning of Cerberus Cerberus is Latinized from Greek “Kerberos” meaning “spotted” coming from Sanskrit “sarvara.” The term … Read more

Zeus Lykaios

There are two legends concerning Zeus relating to wolves producing the name of Zeus Lykaios, or Lykios, which can be designated Zeus the wolf or Wolves of Zeus. One legend was related by Ovid relating to an Arcadian king Lykaon who invited Zeus to dine with him. In order to test Zeus’ omniscience the king served him … Read more


Zeus is a greek god, he was called the master of the gods, and “father of men” in greek mythology. The title may be more impressive than meritorious; it seemed applicable to the Zeus of the philosophers who regarded him as a supreme god and sculptor of the universe. The notion was not primitive; Zeus … Read more


The legend of Zagreus is one of the strangest stories in Greek mythology. Zagreus was born after Zeus disguised himself as a serpent and ravished Persephone. The god wanted to make Zagreus his heir and eventually confer world royalty upon himself. But the Fates decided otherwise. In order to escape Hera’s jealousy, Zeus entrusted the little child to the care … Read more


Uranus, or Ouranos, in greek mythology was the primordial god of the Greeks. Hesiod, in the seventh century BC, in his Theogony traced the genealogy of the Greek gods back to the first divine pair Uranus and Gaea, sky and earth. Their relationship was passionate, since Uranus was “drawing near and spreading out in all directions, … Read more