Best Greek Mythology Books to Read

Greek mythology is the body of myths and teachings associated with the ancient Greeks, concerning their gods and heroes, the nature of the world and origins and significance of their own culture and ritual practices. It is slowly and steadily becoming the center of attention for the people who show keen interest in having knowledge … Read more

Greek Gods and Goddesses

  The Greeks have several deities originating from their homeland. Some of the Greek gods and goddesses names being worshipped or identified by ancient Greek History also originated from some other origins, like Rome and Egypt. In this write-up, you will learn about many of the gods related one way or the other to the Greek … Read more


  In Greek it means “female soul,” corresponding to the Hindu Shakti and the Kabbalah’s Shekina. Classical mythology married Psyche to the love-god Eros: an union of soul with body. Apulaius’s version described Psyche and her bridegroom could come together only in the dark. When Psyche insisted on seeing Eros by the light of her lamp, he was forced to leave … Read more


Greek God Zeus is a greek god. He was called the master of the gods in greek mythology and “father of men.” The title may be more impressive than meritorious. It seemed applicable to the Zeus of the philosophers who regarded him as a supreme god and sculptor of the universe. The notion was not … Read more


  The legend of Zagreus is one of the strangest stories in Greek mythology. Zagreus was born after Zeus disguised himself as a serpent and ravished Persephone. The god wanted to make Zagreus his heir and eventually confer world royalty upon himself. But the Fates decided otherwise. In order to escape Hera’s jealousy, Zeus entrusted the little child to the … Read more


  Uranus, or Ouranos, was the primordial god of the Greeks. Hesiod, in the seventh century BC, in his Theogony traced the genealogy of the Greek gods back to the first divine pair Uranus and Gaea, sky and earth. Their relationship was passionate, since Uranus was “drawing near and spreading out in all directions, eager for love, enveloped … Read more