Witchs Mark

In the lore of the witch, Witch’s Mark is claimed to be an extra teat or nipple on a witch’s body from which she or he permitted a familiar or imp to suckle … Read more

Wiccan Mythos

Wiccan Mythos is a term designating the underlying spirituality of Wicca reflected in the seasonal rites of Nature, along with the metaphors linked with the lunar reverence. The essence of this … Read more


Wicca is a religion of Nature, which venerates Nature by worshiping both the feminine as masculine aspects of Divinity. Its spiritual roots go back to pre-Christian belief and practices in … Read more

Wheel of the year

Wheel of the year is the expression used by neo-Pagans and in neo-Pagan Witchcraft designating the changing seasons of the year. It also symbolizes the belief in the birth, death, … Read more


Wells are symbols of portals to the Underworld as well as to the realms of spirits and fairies. The water in a well was deep, therefore it was believed to … Read more


In Germany, among witches and other occultists Walburgisnacht, or Walburgis Night, is one of the greatest sabbats celebrating fertility. Walburgisnacht is synonymous with Beltane or May Eve since it is … Read more

Voice of the wind

A term used for denoting several things in Wiccan and neo-Pagan cosmology. Frequently it indicates intuitive and psychic abilities. The term applies to a person who feels inspired to chant, or when someone channels it may … Read more

transformation mysteries

These Mysteries constitute the most inner Mysteries of Wicca/Witchcraft, which are related to spiritual and magical (magickal) transformation. They concern the magical abilities to physically change shape (see Metamorphosis) or to fly … Read more


There are several legends concerning the striga, striges plural, Italian Witch. One version has a supernatural meaning. It has them as women who turn themselves into terrible birds of prey, having … Read more


Stregheria is Italian meaning religion of Witches, in general, and specifically refers to sorcery or magical practices of Witches that oppose their religion. Italian Witchcraft is one of the oldest … Read more

Solitary goddess love

Aleister Crowley’s definition for Sex Magick is similar to his definition for Magick: “Magick is the Science and Art of realizing the divine self by changing the human self.” Sex Magick … Read more

Slain God

This was one of the principle figures in pre-Christian paganism and therefore is one of the essential themes in neo-Pagan Witchcraft, especially Wicca. The Slain God, sometimes referred to as the … Read more


The skull is symbolic of wisdom and retained knowledge. When coupled with the teachings of the Mysteries of Occultism, such as the Fermentation Mysteries, the skull signifies that the inner nature … Read more


Shakti (or Sakti) is the Tantric title for the Great Goddess (Devi), realized as a sexual partner and as the innermost animating soul of man or god, like the Greek Psyche, Roman Anima, Gnostic Sophia, and the Kabbalistic Shekina, … Read more

Sea witches

For centuries stories of sea witches have predominately enhanced British folklore. The tradition, and legends, of Sea Witches surrounds experiences of seafarers and beachcombers as well as others in the … Read more


History: As with most aspects of Witchcraft the sabbats, or assemblies at which Witches meet on certain days of the year, have been distorted by Christianity. Most of these distortions … Read more


Renenet was Egypt’s “Goddess of the Double Granary,” Goddess of suckling, who gave each baby its ren (secret name-soul) along with its mother’s milk. Sometimes she wore a lion head, … Read more

The mythology of Venus

Preface(From The Mythology of Venus Ancient Calendars and Archaeoastronony, Edited by Helen Benigni, With foreword by Morgan Llywelyn, University Press of America, 2013) Before being introduced to the wealth of details … Read more


Pins are used in both magic and Witchcraft, especially in ancient days. Pins are employed in casting magical spells and sympathetic magic. According to superstition, stray pins should never be … Read more


The Pythagorean mystics worshipped the pentacle or pentagram, a pentacle which is written or drawn, because it was based on the symbol of the Goddess Kore, frequently thought represented by the apple core. … Read more


“Interpreter of Dreams,” the Babylonian title of the Goddess who gave her priests the ability to interpret and prophesy from other men’s dreams. The priests acquired this ability after undergoing an initiation … Read more