Best Witchcraft Books For Beginners

Definition Witchcraft is the set of magical, metaphysical and superstitious practices developed by witches and sorcerers. Human beings believe in witchcraft since prehistory, although the interpretations of it change according to culture and time. In Western society, witchcraft is the belief in the Devil or demons, since the practice is about spells that seek to … Read more


  Wizard, from Old English wis meaning “wise” a sage, an adept, or a magician, usually is used to denote a person learned in both knowledge and skills of his profession. In the Wiccantradition the term wizard can denote either gender, but is usually associated with a person engaged in thaumaturgic spell-casting, using formulary and recitation in spell-work, alchemicalpractices … Read more

Witch’s ladder

  A string of 40 beads or a cord of 40 knots which some witches use for magic. The beads or knots enable a Witch to concentrate on repeated chants or incantations without having to keep count. Thus enabling the Witch to focus all his or her attention on the desired goal. According to old tradition, … Read more

Wiccan Mythos

  This is a term designating the underlying spirituality of Wicca reflected in the seasonal rites of Nature, along with the metaphors linked with the lunar reverence. The essence of this mythos is based upon the Wheel of the Year, which designates the sabbats of the Wiccan religion. The Wheel possesses the foundation of the Wiccan belief in ever-returning cycles, … Read more


  Definition Wicca is a religion of Nature, which venerates Nature by worshiping both the feminine as masculine aspects of Divinity. Its spiritual roots go back to pre-Christian belief and practices in Europe. Wicca first attained public attention through the efforts of Gerald B.Gardner in the 1950s, as it was portrayed as the remnant of an ancient … Read more

Wheel of the Year

  This is the expression used by neo-Pagans and in neo-Pagan Witchcraft designating the changing seasons of the year. It also symbolizes the belief in the birth, death, and rebirth cycle. In design, the Wheel of the Year has eight spokes designating the eight sabbats that are generally celebrated in neo-Paganism. The eight-spoke wheel is thought by … Read more