The Fruit of Life meaning

Meaning of the fruit of life

The Fruit of Life is a network of data treasured in Sacred geometry  Pattern. Another name is the “Holy of Holies” of the Sacred Pattern. It is shielded in the popular “Flower of Life” motif spread across the globe. It is the only form that contain the five platonic solids and it is part of the metatron’s cube.

It has been described as the basis of the universe ’s and it comes from the flower of life. They host the fundamentals for the construct of all atoms, molecular composition, life development and everything that we have today.

It hosts the patterned framework for the classification of Metatron’s cube.

the fruit of life

The crux is the central piece, integrating “one,” the sun stands as the Sustainer of Life, suspending the Seeds of Life that stands for the Six planners in the solar system.

With the Flower of life representing the twelve parts of the Zodiac. It is these composite parts that stand for the cosmic sense that birthed it.



The symbol

The Fruit of Life symbol has 13 circles. The number 13 denotes unity and movement among worlds and forms.

Every instrumentalist understands the 12 notes on the first scale. The 13th note is just an iteration of the first one, only at a higher frequency. When one reaches a higher octave, one get a higher form.

Also, by studying the shape, one can unlock the barricades to higher forms and realms. The shape hosts all conceivable forms of the universe.

The relevance and strength that underlies this form are inherent in its prospects. If all the centers of the 13 circles have a link, what we will have is 78 lines. It is a structure which name is “Metatron Cube”.


The Circles

The circles denote spheres in a 3-dimensional form. It is the feminine dynamism or the basis of creation.

This offers the grounds for “Metatron’s Cube that hosts the Platonic Solids. They are made from the limes that stands for 78 arrays of a masculine pattern of creation.

This arrangement underscore what contemporary physics tags the Quantum Vacuum or Emptiness. And is basic to the development process at the quantum stage.


Practical Applications

It respects the ordered pattern of creation and the rewards of our labor. Most accounts and prognostications have been borne out of the cosmic relationship between the Sun, Moon and the Earth. The invention of calendar and time is a priceless gift to humanity. 

More practically, the message in it is that of organizing and preparing oneself. It is essential to be conscious of one’s surrounding and discover what must move to aid one go forward. It teaches us to share our aspirations with those that can assist in making it a reality.


This pattern is very important to humans because of the potential benefits it presents. It encourages us to keep aspiring and pursuing our goals. While aligning our thoughts with those that can help us achieve them.

Besides, it is one of those forces on which life is based. This sacred geometry patterns has a lot to offer.