The Egg of Life – Meaning – Sacred Geometry

The Egg of Life Meaning

The Egg of Life has been regarded as a symbol of new life for many centuries. Many cultures see eggs as a symbol of fertility and rebirth.

In sacred geometry, it is the second iteration while forming the Flower of Life. As such, it has about 13 circles. They can be translated in three forms in diverse ways.


egg of life sacred geometry


The shape of the Eggs of Life


It is made up of 7 circles cutting into each other and referred to as the geometrical framework for the whole of creation. The shape of this Egg succeeds the “Seed of Life.”

Every living creation changes in balance via this shape. The shape also has the whole realm of music. The spaces between cells cause the original music scale of a semitone and a tone.

Indeed, all conceivable musical scales, you including the ones, are embedded in the structure.

The Egg stands for balance, fertility, and health.



What Symbolize

The Egg of life is the procedure that births the Flower of Life. It comprises 13 circles embedded which reappears to depict oneness.

It stands for three necessary things in people’s life; how health, stability, and fertility. All humans were born via pregnancy. And after that discover his or her health status which at the end direct them to create the right mental and physical stability on this planet.

It centers around this theme. The shape of this arrangement and framework equally has music. Several musical frequencies are in the form of Eggs of Life.


Eggs of Life and Human Life

The Egg of Life” has been presumed to be the organizational framework for music as the spaces between the circles is similar to the gaps between full time and semitones on the musical chromatic scale.

It is equally similar to the form of embryonic development at the cellular level in humans. The meiosis takes place, dividing into two cells, then subsequently to four cells and later to eight cells.

As such, when this same arrangement is further processed, it forms the human body and the entire energy systems.


How to Use it

There are several ways in which people use Eggs of Life these days:

  • As a sticker,
  • As an oil painting on fabric or wall.
  • A pendant to be worn as part of the dressing.
  • Drip mat for cafeterias, public places, and homes.

In recent times, people are beginning to have the pattern drawn on their bedspread and clothing. 



Anybody concerned about the origination of the human race will find the Egg of Life a useful guide. It gives the origin of the stars, planets and the whole universe generally.

The solution to diverse posers is in an intricate pattern.

Irrespective of where you see this geometry, eggs of life carry a rush of positive power that accelerates ingenuity and inspiration.