What does it mean when you dream about fish – Fishing dreams

Dreaming of fish is a common experience. Dreams related to fishes may have myriads of connotations and interpretations.

Legend and history have it that dreams on fish bring positive results. However, there are some dreams of fish that have been associated with negative occurrences.

To rightly decipher your fish dreams, it is necessary to look carefully into all the details of the events that surrounded the dream.

If you see yourself harvesting fishes, swimming, feasting on, preparing a fish meal, or fighting with the fishes, you need to watch it. All of these dreams have different meanings.


What does it mean when you dream about fish

Fishes have been associated with fertility and individual progress. If you often dream of swimming fish, it may imply conception.

Most people usually correlate the sight of a sperm cell with a fish in the water. The following are other symbols associated with fishes:


Fish Swiming

Perhaps you often see fishes swimming in dreams. It might imply that your subconscious self relates to the ocean. If you dream that the fish is swimming at the bedrock,  you may be in a precarious condition in a short while.

Should it be that it is floating on the surface, it depicts riches and opulence.


Fish Eggs

Eggs are mostly related to latent abilities and fresh starts. If you do come across fish eggs in your sleep, it may symbolize a novel idea or fresh inspiration spurting from your subconscious mind.


Fish out of the water

The common meaning here is freedom. You are free for move and you are released. Another interpretation is that you are different and you think you dont belong to a group.


Cooking Fish

If you dream about eating fish often, it might be indicative of your faith, ideology or religious bias.

Eating fish in dreams implies that you are co-opting your novel ideas into your person. Cooking it means you are getting ready to infuse your new ideas and revelations into your person.

Dead Fish

A dead fish in your dream depicts dismay and failure. This disappointment might be linked to financing, concept, faith or fertility.

Dead fishes in your dream might also imply that a new prospect is coming from an age-long idea.


Another Person Fishing

Should it be that you often see someone fishing in your dream, it hints that you are aiming a goal in real life.

It might as well mean that you are trying to challenge and bring your subdued emotions to the fore. Alternatively, fishing in dreams might merely suggest pure fun and leisure.



Coming across fishhooks in your dream might indicate that you are supposed to ‚Äúcatch‚ÄĚ a particular thing. It can as well mean that you are stuck on an idea or that someone is deceiving you or talking you into subscribing to a wrong notion.


Eating fish

Dreaming of eating fish means that we are on the right track. Good luck may be on our side. So we have to do what we can to ensure that this situation does not change.

This dream means that we are on the right path to succeed and achieve success. But it will only happen if we stay true to our principles. It symbolizes harmony: The tranquility of knowing that everything is continuing its usual course.

It means that we must know who to trust: If we have had a dream in which we ate raw fish, it can be interpreted as a warning signal to know who to trust, especially your friends and those closest to you.


Catching fish

Dreaming that you are grasping or picking up or holding something, means trying to control or manipulate something.

It is important to analyze the object that you are holding or holding. Dreaming about holding something or picking up or holding something also means possession, responsibility and protection.


In Summary

Dreaming of fish can be a symbol of destiny. A prediction of upcoming events in one’s life. Also acquisitions, or trouble, depending on where you see the fish in your dream.

Dreams on fishes are quite common. And it is, therefore, pertinent that we get some meanings on fish dreams. So we can self-interpret these dreams whenever they come.



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