Corn Mother

About the Corn Mother

Since maze is a substantial food among the Native Americans it would certainly be included within their mythology. One legend concerns an old lady and an orphan boy. The old lady lived alone and walked her beaten paths everyday.

On day she found a spot of blood on one of the paths. She covered it with a jar, which she later removed and discovered a little baby boy under it. When the boy grew older he called her Grandmother.

When he became seven he made his first bow and arrows, and was very curious and full of questions. Almost everything he saw, he would ask his Grandmother what it was.

So when he saw a bushy tailed animal run up a tree, he asked Grandmother, “What is that?” “It’s a squirrel,” she told him. “Shoot it; bring it home, it’s good to eat.” So he did. Next he asked her what it was that flew from tree to tree.

She answered, “It’s a bird and good to eat. Shoot it and bring it home.” Next the boy spied an animal with no tail and round ears.

Grandmother said that was a bear, and added it was good to eat; so he shot it and brought it home. By this way he learned the names of all the animals and which were valuable as food.