Ana Bekoach Prayer Meaning


Meaning of Ana Bekoach

The Ana Bekoach is a Jewish spirituality prayer which stands for a transition from one state to another one. It comprises of seven verses that denotes the seven days in a week. The first letters of the seven verses make up the Divine names.



Ana Bekoach is linked to old times Rabbi Nechunyah. It is a prayer that entails seven lines, each denoting the seven sentimental sefiros which are the Divine energy that supports and nurtures the earth.

It is usually chanted anytime there is an emblematic rise of Divine energy from a lesser plane to a greater one, or anytime there is a transition from one realm to another one.


The 42-Letter Name

It is also referred to as the 42 names of Hashem. The 42 words in the Ana Bekoach have their initials which formed the Divine name. This name is linked to creation and the opening verse in the Torah that talks about creation.


Six Letters Subdivided

Ana Bekoach has six words in the seven verses that match with the six sides of a cube ( top, bottom, right, rear, front and left).

These six sides are linked to the verse from the dream of Yechezkel that reads “with two was their faces shielded, and encased their feet with two and flew with the other two.”


How to Use the Prayer?

Rehearse by memorizing the prayer, saying it over and over while listening, you learn by repeating it.

Chant the prayer 21 times daily off hand. You can also check it up if you missed some verses. This practice improves the general health, mental alertness, and spiritual cleanliness.

Say the Ana Bekoach prayer at the rostrum before offering daily prayer and offerings, to convey energy to the ancestor altar.


Prayer for Each Day of the Week



The Ana Bekoach prayer for Sunday is called AvagYatazt. On this Sunday prayer, there aren’t any hidings. It is a time of total and spotless togetherness emerging from the holiness of Shabbas, before duplication, before work idea.



The Ana Bekoach for Monday is Kara Satan. Kara means to break or shatter into separate pieces. Satan gives the realizations of duplicity, division, and partition.



Tuesday in Ana Bekoach prayer has the Negri Mash. With Negri meaning before me and Kashimplying God’s glory, the prayer is entire “the glory of God is before me.“


The prayer for Wednesday is Ba’tarTzatag. On the fourth day, there is an implication to double crown which presides on and controls the earth and angels.



The Ana Bekoach for Thursday is ChakavTana. Thursday seems to be the last full day of the week and a close of the week as Friday is a pre-sabbath and a day to get set for Shabbas.



The Ana Bekoach for Friday is Yagal Pazak. The Friday prayer is to gather all that has been done in the course of the week to its fulfilled intentions and get accustomed and set for the Shabbas.



The contemplation for Saturday is Shaku. It suggests that all is centered around the Shabbas, the Yud within the span of time.



The Ana Bekoach is a spiritual song whose real author is not known. Albeit, conventionally, it is linked to a wise man of old times, it advocates for Israel’s liberation from oppression. The seven verses of six words have their letters matching a hidden Divine name, which is the background of a lot of spiritual speculations.


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