Good questions to ask psychics

As humans, we are naturally curious about what the future holds and often seek guidance when making important life decisions. This is where psychics come in, as they claim to

Bitwine Psychic Reviews

Introduction Do you want to see a psychic, but you are not sure of where to start? Have you been deceived by charlatans pretending to be psychic mediums and lost

Witch peg

  Witch peg are Charms, found in rural areas of the Ozarks, used to keeping witches from a home. They are made from cedar pegs with three prongs, and driven

Witch bottle

Witch bottle was a common method of magical protection used in English and colonial American folk magic. A witch bottle is a glass bottle filled with nails, sharp pieces of


Definition of Tyromancy Tyromancy is a method of divination from cheese. It is also known as Tiromanci, Tyromantia and Typomancy. It is an ancient method of divination based on the omens

the 365 day gematria calendar

I did a complete mathematical breakdown, or survey of the whole entire year. From January First, to December Thirty First, Again Note: that all numbers of days must be spelled out


Temurah is one of the three ancient methods, the other two are gematria and Netrikon, used by the Kabbalists to rearrange words and sentences in the Bible to derive the esoteric substratum and deeper


Tasseomancy is a divinatory form of fortune-telling by reading tea leaves. It is also known as tasseography. Tasseomancy originated in the Middle Ages stemming from ceroscopy and molybdomancy. In the 17th century, the West Dutch


by Anonymous Tasseography, otherwise known as tasseomancy, is the art of tea leaf reading. Tea leaf reading is an ancient fortune telling art interpreting patterns made by tea leaves in


Definition Tarot is a deck of cards with which you can play and also allows you to guess the future. The Tarot cards are full of symbology of all kinds.


Definition and Meaning A Talisman is and object which possess magical or supernatural power of their own which is transmitted to their possessors. Talismans are frequently confused with amulets which are objects which


A spell is a spoken or written formula which, in the act of magic or divination, is intended to create or change a particular course of events. The belief in spells and their


In Western magic, sigils are symbols connected to a set of ideas by which spirits or deities may be summoned to awareness and controlled. They are used in divinatory practices. The term

Scrying by fire

Scrying by Fire or fire scrying is a method of divination sometimes used by Witches to see events of the past, present and future. The practice can be performed by


Scrying is the ancient act of divination for the purpose of clairvoyance. It is usually achieved by concentrating on or staring at an object having a shiny surface until a vision appears. Magicians


Alan G. Hefner and Demetrius Drystellas A form of divination. The term rune is derived from the Indo-European root ru, which means mystery or secret. Runes were at first ancient Norse and Teutonic alphabets, and symbols that were


Rhabdomancy is a term for divining by rods, derived from the Greek word meaning «a rod» and «divination.» The practice was alluded to by Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682), «As for


Radiesthesia is a further developed branch of the divination of dowsing (water-witching) through indicators such as rods and pendulums. This method scopes more than just the discovery of hidden water and other metals, minerals and


Pyromancy is the divination by the means of fire and was embodied in the ancient practice of extispicy. A good presage was indicated when a vigorous flame quickly consumed the sacrifice; when it


Definition of Psychometry Psychometry is the ability or faculty to perceive the characters, surroundings, and events connected with a person by holding an object belonging to that person in ones


Philtre, a potion that causes one to fall in love with another person, also called love potions, have been thought to be magical and used since antiquity. They were popular


Palmistry also known as Chiromancy is part of the chirology (from the Greek quiro-keir = hand, and logia-logos = study, science) in charge of the study of the morphology (form) of hands,

Ozark witchcraft

A Witchcraft which is practiced in the southern mountains of Arkansas and Missouri. Such a practice, one might expect, is a rejection of the «Bible belt» fundamentalist religions, particularly the Southern

Ooscopy or Oomantia

Ooscopy or oomantia are two forms of divination by eggs. An example of the former was described by the Roman historian Suetonius (c. 98-138 AD). The woman Livia was pregnant and was