Yesod, Hebrew YSVD, «foundation,» is the ninth Sephirah of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, located on the Middle Pillar between Tiphareth and Malkuth.

Universal symbolism:

Name of God: ShDI AL ChI, Shaddai (Almighty Living God)
Archangel: GBRAL, Gabriel, (Strength of God)
Angelic Host: KRVBIM, Kernibim , Powers of the Elements
Astrological Correspondence: LBNH, Levanah (the Moon)
Tarot Correspondence: The four Nines of the pack
Elemental Correspondence: Air
Magical Image: A beautiful and very strong naked man
Additional Symbols: The Treasure House of Images
in Atziluth – indigo,
in Briah – violet,
in Yetzirah – very dark purple,
in Assiah – yellowish, citrine flecked azure
Correspondence in the Microcosm: The nephew
Correspondence in the Body: The genitals
Grade of Initiation: 2=7, Theoricus
Qlippoth: GMLIAL, Gamaliel (the Obscene Ones)

Text from the Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom corresponding to this Sephirah: «The Ninth Path is called the Pure Intelligence because it purifies the Numerations, it improves and corrects the designing of their representation, and disposes the unity with which they are combined without diminution or division.»

Yesod is the eternal and immutable balance between the «full» and expansive emanation of Netzach and the «empty» and restrictive emanation of Hod, or between the manifestation and reabsorption of all things; Yesod is the unique act which simultaneously reveals and reintegrates all that is emanated and manifested; this is the reason it is also called kol, the «all.»

Like the Sephiroth the Sephiroth emerge in an instant, in time conception, it can be aid to have emerged without emerging; in essence it was always there so there never was an emanation or manifestation except in a subjective view.

Simply stated, the Sephiroth and all Sephirahs within always existed, therefore their manifestations, each and as a total always existed; everything is subjective to those observing it; this is why the Sephiroth, the emanations of God, is subjective to man who lives in a time-frame. A.G.H.


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