Yam Hahar

Yam is the Ugaritic god of the sea and rivers. He also is named Yam-Hahar, «Judge River.» The designation of «sea-god» comes from Canaanite Yam and Hebrew D’, both meaning «sea».

Yam is one of the sons or Elohim (usually the singular designation for god or God) of El, the supreme deity. Baal, the sky-god, being son of Dagon (frequently synonymously used for El), thus constituting the constant battle between them. El wants Yam to have what is rightfully his but he must forever fight for it. This within itself makes Yam strong and courageous, fearsome.

Like Baal, he is a warrior-god, only mightier. Yam represents the chaos of the fierce and whirling waters of the sea. He is thus primordial, everything originating from the sea, and controls the storms and havoc they wreak. Yam is practically synonymous with the seven-headed-dragon Lotan which is often used to describe him. He is the Canaanite equivalent to Tiamat, the Sumerian primordial mother goddess.

Yam is not only the champion of El, but the bitter foe of Baal, son of Dagon. Yam, deity of the sea, has his palace, home, in the abyss, associated with the depths of the oceans. Again, he controls the full mighty force of the sea, an almost impregnable force.

Baal, however, iscalled the «king of the heavens,» and was the first son of El. Baal was defeated as was Yam at times but Baal experienced resurrection and Yam returned forming a cycle. In one legend Yam sends killing winter storms while Baal sends gentle summer rains. Baal becomes associated with Zeus and Yam with Poseidon.

Yam being a sea-god has unbridled primordial, chaotic force of the sea. He is God of the unconscious, from which the serpent rises with knowledge and primordial energy. Within the person or black adept this represents the strengthened desires of the unconscious.

The consort or shakti of Yam, the double-purpose demonic goddess, Dabibu reinforces this energy because she being Lilith-born possesses Kundalini energy. She is a double goddess representing «fire» and «flame» as well as portraying the Lamashtu traits of wolf and dog when becoming Isitu. Dabibu is seated with the Svadhisthanis chakra. This complimentary energy within the sexual charka only increases the chaotic force of Yam.

One might say, «Mighty God is he!» With the almost impregnable which Yam and his consort can give the black adept can achieve great tasks. These are not fool-hearty tasks, however. As with all great work each task is carefully preplanned and executed. Best executed work is the most productive.

However, Yam does not only help the proficient adept. He also can befriend a striving adept. This is the black adept striving hard to execute a work which may seem impossible. Yam supplies the demonic strength, the attitude of realizing that nothing less the determination will achieve the goal, the strength of the Adversary.

The goal is usually personal but at times can help others too. Others may be against the adept’s success but this fails stopping him. Triumph is invigorating and may the adept reach for more. A.G.H.


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