Traditional Witchcraft Supplies Online for Sale

A witchcraft supply shop is an outlet where you can buy all the supplies you need if you want to become a witch or you want to replenish your supplies as a witch. If you have been buying supplies form an unreliable platform thus far, you can change over to one of the outlets described in this write-up for top quality witchcraft supplies that will add value, quality and very good reputation to your practice as a witch.

Many of the outlets described here are metaphysical stores online that sell authentic witchcraft supplies, like potions, powders, oils, herbs, tools and virtually any other witchcraft item you may need.



Witchcraft supplies and their uses

Now, in this section of the write-up, you will learn about the common traditional witchcraft tools and what they are used for.



Athame is the ritual knife .and one of the essential tools a witch must have. The handle is usually black and should be positioned eastward, which the direction is representing choice, thought, and mind. The knife may be made of metal, but this is not always necessary. It can also be made from carved stone or wood. The material does not matter since the knife will not be used for a real purpose; it is just a symbol.

This knife holds the energy .to the mind, thought and choice. It is used in directing energy and in casting and recalling ritual circles. Furthermore, the knife can be used in cutting off energetic ties. Conclusively, it is not used in cutting anything in the physical plane.



It represents the voice of the goddess and can summon divine attention when it is rung. It can also keep the witch attentive to the presence of the goddess. If the tone of the bell is lovely, it will summon healing, beautiful energy to the person.

Additionally, the witch can use the bell to clean energy, which is a good move at the end of a ritual. The bell can also be used to disperse an unwanted spirit or energy if the latter crops up during a ritual.



Candles are classified :into two groups, which are:

  • Direction candles
  • God and goddess candles


Direction candles

One candle points to each direction, which is the reason they are called direction candles. These candles are color-coded for easy identification; the colors are described below:

Gold or white candles .are used in the center, which is where god and goddess are not used.

  • Aqua colored or blue candle for the west
  • Orange or red candles for the south
  • White or yellow candles for the east
  • Brown, green or black candles for the north


God and goddess candles

The candles are often large. . A good example is the pillar candle. As their names imply, they represent a god and goddess. A set is usually placed on either side of the pentacle; it can also be placed towards the center of the altar.

At times, it may involve the use of just one candle for the great goddess. Also, the crone, mother and made can be represented by three candles, which are black, red and white.

You can set them towards .any direction you like. Whatever you do, make sure they do not drip on any of the delicate items around so that they do not catch fire. The candles are meant to invoke spiritual power.




The chalice is among the .most important witchcraft items. It stands for the mother goddess. It is, therefore called a «yin» alter tool. At times, the chalice can be bejeweled playfully. However, such a design is not entirely necessary.

You can even replace it with a glass cup or any other cup for that matter. If you like, you can use a bowl in the place of a cup. Anything that can hold water will do just fine. Silver colored chalice is the perfect goddess tool to use. The chalice is placed west, which represents the direction of the yinnest of yins and water.


 Other important witchcraft tools

  • Deities
  • Libation dish
  • Offerings
  • Pentacle
  • Saltwater
  • Scent or feather
  • Stones or healing crystals
  • Wand
  • Broom
  • Cauldron
  • Working knife
  • Sword
  • Altar cloth
  • Book of shadows
  • Spellcasting material
  • Songbooks
  • Token of helpers


Buy wiccan tools

You can buy your traditional witchcraft tools and supplies from any of the outlets mentioned below. You can get in touch with them online, and they will ship whatever you have bought to your doorstep. Some of them charge a little shipping fee, while some other ones can ship the items for free.


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Finally, the above information can guide you on how to buy witchcraft supplies and what many of the supplies are used for. Before you buy from an online shop, find out if find out if that online shop had been in this line of business for long or not. The long-standing online shops can be trusted to sell nothing short of quality and authentic witchcraft supplies.