Winchester Mistery House

Winchester Mansion

Located in San Jose, California  is the one-time residence of the William Wirt Winchester’s widow, Sarah Winchester. This Queen Anne Style Victorian villa is known as the Winchester Mystery House and is situated at 525 South Winchester Blvd. Winchester Mystery House is a building without a known master plan. Also, it is presently a tourist attraction and is considered a historic place in the United States.




With a famous history that dates back to 1984, the Winchester Mystery House is an extraordinary mansion that was built in the space of about 36 years. This building started with the purchase of an eight-room farmhouse. As at the time it was built, the Winchester Mystery House was worth $5.5 million and never got completed. The construction continued until the passing away of Sarah Winchester in 1922.

The Winchester mansion is much more than the regular estate. It had some exceptional features that were not popular at the time that it was built and even in modern times. Therefore, making it a wonder to behold. Some of these features include multiple elevators, 160 rooms, 40 bedrooms, 10,000 windows.

There were lots of stories associated with the Winchester castle. However, the most common story was that Sarah Winchester was being haunted by ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles. After the death of her husband, legend has it that Sarah Winchester was told to move to the west and keep building if she was going to prevent spirits from attacking her. It was believed that the mansion was designed in the form of a maze to get ghosts that would come to kill her confused. There were also rumors that she would die as soon as this mansion got completed.

There were rumors that Sarah Winchester passed the night in a different room throughout the time that she lived in Winchester Mystery house and also moved through the intricate paths to avoid being harassed by the ghosts that she believed were after her.

In 1906, there was a massive earthquake which hugely affected the top three floors of the mansion and also slightly modified the other four levels of the seven-story mansion. As a result of this incident, Sarah demanded that the uncompleted front part of the manor be secured.



Shortly after the death of William Winchester, Sarah Winchester’s husband, her friends advised her to seek the help of a medium. She adhered to this and sought the help of Adam Coombs, a Boston based spiritualist. With the help of the spiritualist, Sarah Winchester was able to get in touch with her late husband. He, in turn, advised her to build a never-ending mansion that would always keep growing to accommodate the growing number of those killed by the Winchester Rifle and so that she could become immortal.

Sarah, therefore, moved to the west and began building immediately. She had the finances, as she had inherited her husband’s shares and vast amounts from his business.



The Winchester Mystery House remains a legend until today, and many believe it is hunted. At the moment, this house is not occupied. It is now a tourist attraction.


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