Wigi board

The Wigi Board or Ouija Board as it is more familiarly has been used by many for fun. This mystical board game has been known to leave users in shock. There are many who believe this board to be very dangerous. Some say it brings demons into your life. This board game that has a planchette which seems to move by itself after you have asked a question has fascinated a large number of people. Many people confessed that they have dabbled with the device and absolutely nothing has happened to them. Whether you are a believer here are 10 things to know about the Wigi Board.


  1. The board has a very old history.

It is said that the board originated in the late 1800’s. It has been associated with the occult practice of table turning. When persons seated around a table who were engaged in particular ritual would sit around a table. It is reported that the table normally moves when a presence entered. This was used so that people could get in contact with their dead love ones. The Wigi board is also said to be a medium through which you can contact the dead. When asking a question using the board the answer is mysteriously given. The planchette moves on its own and provides users to questions given asked one at a time.


  1. Negative Stigma

This board game is seen as more than that by many. It is viewed by some as a medium that allows evil to enter into your life. Some say it has been linked to the movie, The Exorcist. One of the first movies to show the board being used and an evil spirit harming the users. Many individuals do not want this board to be anyway near their homes. This board has even been taken of the shelves in some countries.


  1. The Wigi Board requires special usage

When using the board, it must be placed between all users. This is to allow them to easily access the planchette. Fingers must be gently placed on the planchette. You must asked for a willing spirit to join you. After you have done this, you are each allowed to ask a question. When all have received their answers you are required to say goodbye to stop the spirit from staying.


  1. The game is owned by the Parker Brothers

Presently all the Wigi boards that we see are made by the Parker Brothers. This company was started in the 1800’s by a group of brothers. It specializes in games. The Parker Brothers have added special font, glow in the dark feature and strange symbols on the board to add mystery.


  1. Bill Wilson was inspired by the wigi board

Mr. Bill Wilson, one of the pioneers of Alcoholics Anonymous has been reported to have gotten inspiration from the board. According to reports, Mr. Wilson had his special room at his home where he used the board. He once spoke to a monk called Boniface who give him the idea for the 12 step AA program.


  1. Linked to murder

Many convicted criminals have reportedly blamed the use of the Wigi board for their crime. One such case involves Brian Roach 2001, Mayor of Minco, Oklahoma. He murdered by his mother-in-law. She stabbed him while he was asleep. She then told the police her Wigi board said that Brian was wicked and had to die. There have been many similar reports. Cases where people have been convicted of crimes and blamed it on the board.


  1. Used in court

The board was used in 1994 by four British Jurors. They were working on the case of Stephen Young who was on a murder trial. The jurors decided to use the board to give their decision. They found the defendant guilty. However, Young was granted a retrial once this became public. He was found guilty once again.         


  1. Do not get addicted

It is said that the spirit contacted when using the board may make you dependent. A term called Progressive Entrapment. If you are a user of the board, you should be careful not to become its slave. It is said that a spirit may present to you something good that is to happen in the future. Once this happens, you become more trusting and seek more and more advice and information. Your time is consumed by the interaction with the spirit. You should not get addicted to anything.


  1. Rose to great popularity in the 1920’s

During the 1920’s the Ouija board wad the most popular selling game in the United States. It even sold more than Monopoly. In the year 1920, approximately three million boards were sold.


  1.  The rules are often ignored

This board game always comes with rules. These rules are usually ignored by those who are so eager to express the mysteries of the game. There rather odd rules are: never ask the board when you are going to die, do not play the game alone and never talk about God.

Where can I buy a Ouija board game

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