What distinguishes fate, karma, life plan and free will?

Fate and karma are often called the same. However, there are significant differences here. Fate is set. This means that the event occurs without the person being able to change anything. Fate is like a letter. A thing or event is sent to you like a letter. The content of the letter cannot be changed, but we can decide how we want to deal with the information it contains. Fate is directly related to karma. Fate is the place and the opportunity to fulfill karma if it has not been solved.


In this way, fate is the karmic representation of past lives. This calculation of past life results from your actions, your thoughts and your inner attitude that you lived.

Example: Those who were too selfish and did not care about their fellow man created a karmic aspect. This leads to a karma task for the next life: to serve people. This would be possible through a job in a social environment.


The family you were born into is typical of fate. The choice of the family is directly related to the karma that is to be broken down. As a result, it will be a family or couple that meets the karmic requirements. This also includes social circumstances.


This leads us to believe that we have no influence on our fate. And yet there is an area in which we can also influence fate. This is accomplished by reducing karma and avoiding new karmic aspects. Free will can also be used to avert fate. Those who are guided by the fateful circumstances avoid life.


A classic example of such a case is a person who is always drugged with alcohol because of their problems. But the karmic homework was to face the problem and work on the subject. But this homework is never done and replaced with alcohol instead. The result could be a fate in which the drunk person drives and causes an accident.


This scenario was avoidable. The person could have done the karmic homework; but decided against it. Free will enables us to make decisions. If the driver had decided against alcohol, the accident would never have happened. Fate would have been changeable at this point. Even if it seems difficult to escape fate, there are options.


These certainly require a lot of strength, courage and perseverance, but are ultimately rewarded. Sometimes fate has no scope to avert it with free will. In this case, fate works and nobody can do anything about it. It is a karmic lesson that you will receive. This lesson is the result of unsolved karma from previous life.


Kinds of karma


Karma can also be expressed as follows:

  1. You have incurred karmic debts because you wrongly sentenced a person
  2. You have abused the trust placed in you
  3. You have taken on a victim role and have done nothing about it
  4. You have hurt someone emotionally or physically
  5. You marginalized and bullied people
  6. You despised yourself and didn’t respect yourself


There are many other examples of how karma can be expressed. Of course, this also includes happy coincidences that arise when a karma task has been solved well beforehand. But mostly we only feel the karmic aspect when it has a negative effect.

This includes different types of karma:


The balancing karma

This karma wants something to be balanced. This can be an injustice or something that you have taken from another person. Maybe you took someone’s money or poorly paid an employee. Or you took a man’s wife and made sure that this man was alone for a lifetime.

Any form of fraud can also be part of the compensation karma. Have you sold something you know is a scam? A special example is the sale of indulgences in the Middle Ages. Here redemption was promised by buying a letter.

Many families, even those who could not normally afford it, saved their money on such a letter of indulgence. Those who had designed this business idea were exposed to the karma that needs to be balanced. Maybe these business people are the ones who need to experience for themselves what it is like to be cheated on in the next life.


The saved karma

This karma is waiting for the right opportunity in a lifetime to work. Maybe other karma issues are more important. Or this topic has already been presented but not solved. If so, there is a resubmission and waits for the next chance.


The newly created karma

You create this karma yourself in your present life. It is a new karma that arises from your actions and thoughts. Example: You borrowed a lot of money from a friend and are not paying it back now? Then you created a karmic aspect. If you want to work on this aspect, it remains open. Sometimes the new karma can take effect in the same life.

That means you have to experience in your own life what it feels like to have been cheated by your best friend. The new karma is often saved and comes into force in the next life. So it’s important to think about how to act in this life.


Free will

There is constant discussion about whether there is free will at all. The fact that we can pontaneously decide whether we want to stay in the chair or not answers the question. We have free will. However, this can only be used to a limited extent, since the karmic aspects and the life plan sometimes counteract this.

Free will should be used to solve karma and not to bypass the karmic task. No karmic tasks could be solved without free will. Because then everything would be predetermined and humans would have no influence on it. From this perspective, the existence of free will can be interpreted.


But what about the life plan and what function does it have?

The life plan is the agenda of life and serves to show options that enable a reduction in karma. Large and important periods of life are usually anchored in the life plan. This also means that not only is there a fixed life plan, but there are always several options available. you can think of it like a reserve plan. Because sometimes people try to avoid an important stage in life.

The reserve plan ensures that you have another opportunity to pass this fixed point in your life plan. This includes the people you meet in life. The workplace and the place of residence can also be part of the life plan. These are all stations that are useful for solving karmic problems. The life plan and the work karma are coordinated. So the important people in your life are no accident. They are karmic partners and do their part in your life so that you can solve the task.

The spouse who keeps pushing you into the victim role is a classic example. The task for you is to free yourself from this victim role. But children and parents are often also karmic helpers. Children can be a challenge in life if you have trouble raising them. But there could be a karmic task behind it. Caring for your parents can also be part of your life plan. Your empathy and compassion would like to be expressed here.


The twin soul and the karma partner

Finding the twin soul seems to symbolize great happiness for many people. A person who suits me one hundred percent and forever! The twin soul represents the great love of life. Sometimes the term is confused with the karma partner. They are also similar because they both have a karma job in their pocket that you want to solve. However, the twin soul is far more radical than a harmless karma partner.

Contrary to popular belief, the encounter with the twin soul is in most cases not a joyful event. And maybe your partner with whom the partnership turns out to be difficult is just that person. The phase of life in which this meeting with the twin soul takes place is often referred to as the difficult or even painful phase of life.

Because with the twin soul, other parameters can also be felt. It is a feeling that this person is part of you. The soul mate partner! Isn’t that the person we’ve been waiting for a lifetime? Your soul may have been waiting for the person. But the person with his romantic idea of ​​a soul mate will surely be disappointed. The twin soul is not a picture of you. This soul shows you your facets that are hidden from you.

This soul is the opposite of your being, which is suppressed. It shows you things you no longer want to know. Thoughts or experiences that you have not worked on, but which have closed in the subconscious. All these little and big secrets are broken up by the twin soul in you. Such meetings are extremely radical. Even if this twin soul has a magical attraction, this relationship will rarely be harmonious and painless. But the relationship hides a higher meaning.

Even if the relationship is characterized by suffering, this fact should encourage you to grow beyond yourself. Only when the karmic task is done does the pain of this partnership subside.

If you order one twin soul per life plan, you have a reason for it. The problems are obviously so difficult that a radical solution is required. Sometimes the karmic problems were going on for many incarnations, but to no avail. So this time the soul can decide to go a hard way. The helper in this task is this twin soul.


Other radical methods in the life plan

Serious diseases are also anchored in the life plan. It is hard to imagine that an illness can solve a karmic task. And yet an illness offers the opportunity to think about life. The sick only wish that they get well again. In the phases of illness you can see what is really important in life. So you can regret that you have worked a lot and neglected the family. Or you notice that you haven’t taken care of yourself enough. Some people who have managed to escape death completely change their lives.

Money and status in life lose their priority. They appreciate every day and are thankful that they are allowed to live life. They now appreciate family life, leisure time and recognize what is really important in life. New values ​​and priorities are set. Those who recover from an illness can gain deep insights. This knowledge and wisdom can be the reason why a soul anchors a serious illness in its life plan. In these cases too, the karmic task is probably very old and has not been solved for a long time.

These radical methods are only used when the task has been tried several times but has not been successful. If there is no development at all, such a difficult aspect in the life plan can change. The most important thing in the life plan is the big goal at the end of life.

What does it want to achieve and how do I want to develop? Which task should definitely be solved? Even if something goes wrong in the life plan, it’s not a drama. If an essential karmic meeting with a fellow human being is overlooked, there are often substitute candidates. Also, if these people are overlooked, there is another option to complete the task.

If you deviate completely from your life plan, you will notice this fact every day. Because these people struggle with themselves, with life and achieve no happiness. Such cases are common to all forms of addiction, violence and crime. And whoever believes that we were shaped by our parents and cannot do anything else is wrong. Certainly people are influenced by inherited traits of their parents. But if you consciously choose to be different, you have the chance through free will.

This requires constant reflection on your own thoughts, intentions and actions. From this point of view, nobody has to become a criminal just because the parents decided to live like this.


About the author

The author El Maya is a spiritual medium and has published several books on the soul, life plan, karma and life after death.

This guide contains strategies to reduce your karma and find the soul center. Furthermore, she conducts workshops in mental training, future interpretation, clairvoyance and fortune telling in knowing-portal.com