What are Crop Circles

What is Crop Circle?

A Crop circle is a geometric formation or pattern that appears in crop field usually formed by flattening a crop, coined in the 1980s by Colin Andrews. The plants are often laid flat, not cut, but swirled into an attractive floor pattern. Some formations appear in cereal crops such as rice, barley, and wheat.

The formation is often created over the night and sometimes occurs in the day, and the circles occur on cereal crops like the oilseed rape, linseed, grass, borage, and maize. In the United States, many circles occur in soya, as it has grown prevalently in some part of the world.

Some ambiguous natural factors or external sources of crop circles have been proposed by fringe speculators, and these are what formed the philosophies that underpin the crop circle.


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History of the Crop Circle

The crop circle pattern ever recorded in the UK occurred in 1976, though many farmers say the circles in their fields are drawing back noticeably further than this date. There was a design made in respect of this known as the ‘Mowing Devil’ which illustrates some circular pattern in a crop field. However, this opinion could be directly linked to the crop circles or not.


Philosophies of the Crop Circle

Contrary to several other theories like the Bigfoot, telekinesis, psychic powers and ghosts, the crop circle has some grounds on which the argument has been premised.


Inadvertent Activities of Some Animals

One proposition in circulation in the 1980s was that strange circle patterns were unknowingly created by overly energetic and romantic actions of some hedgehogs.


Local Wind Pattern

Another view to the formation of the crop circle is that they are produced by geographically localized, and exact wind pattern or some unfounded earth energy zones and lines referred to as hey lines.


Molecular Biology

Horace Drew, a biologist, proposed that crop circles patterns evolve from human time voyagers from the far future to assist them to traverse the earth. Drew supposed that the patterns are designed as messages.


Extraterrestrial Proposition

Extraterrestrial submissions argue that some aliens practically create crop circle patterns using spaceships and discreet energy radiations from space, such that the crop circle patterns were created by some strange celestial beings.


Physical and Natural Forces

Some individuals have claimed that it was not extraterrestrial powers that birthed the crop circle, but rather some supernatural powers that came in the form of wheat and other cereals.


Religious Implication of Crop Circle

From time immemorial, symbols have been known to have excellent connections to people’s faith. Local symbols such as circles have been put together in a specific manner to form the content and symbols of some belief systems. Circles are believed to be one of the best medium of showing belief and religious details.


Crop Circle Features

Even as there are some exceptions to the general patterns, almost all crop circles have the same qualities. Here are the general features.



Crop circles, just as it sounds usually come in round shapes, rarely do you get three angles, squares or trapeziums, although some forms have straight or tortuous lines. Maybe not accidentally, a circle is the most uncomplicated shape for tricksters to form.


Night Formation

Crop circles are a nocturnal development. Crop circles are usually formed during the night and most times seen by farmers or people at dawn. Although it does not appear like there’s a reasonable ground for divine energy to form patterns overnight, it is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for tricksters to create the circles overnight.



There has never been a period where crop circles have been filmed while they are being formed. This gives a feeling of mystery, as there is no logic to the thought that the circle lines would not be created when the cameras are recording if it is genuinely formed by unknown earth forces.


Closeness to Roads

In most cases, crop circles are sighted in fields that offer excellent and convenient public passage, near roadways and expressways. They seldom show in far away, remote locations. As a result of this, crop circles are mostly seen within one or two days of their formation by motorists passing by.



Although the crop circle is a phenomenon that is unscientifically explainable, with different sources from microwave radiations, earth magnetic field and links to ancient Sumeria, the crop circle is a phenomenon to reckon with, although it lacks the proper scientific basis to back it up.