In African Mythology Wamara is a god worshipped by the Bahimas of the Baziba tribes.

Wamara, whose mother is Nyante-the pre-existing universe-and father is unknown, had four sons to whom he distributed different divisions of reality:

  • Kagoro, mythical hero;
  • Mugasha, god of water;
  • Kazoba, god of the sun and moon, whose son Hangi supported the celestial vault;
  • and Ryangombe, god of cattle.

This was the start of a very complex cosmogony leading to numerous adventures.

For example, Mugash’s love for Kagoro’s sister brings about a conflict between the two brothers and Mugasha’s leg wound.

The Bahima (cattle raisers) deities take precedent over the Bahera (serfs, peasants) deities, chthonian gods relegated to the rank of terrestrial spirits or genii. A.G.H.