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Walmart online shopping website home page

Walmart also known as Wal-mart Stores, inc is an american retail company founded in 1962 in usa. It is the largest in the world by revenue and it has more than 11.000 stores.

Like many other traditional shops, Walmart has an online website when customers can shop online easily. (See also walmart online shopping)


You can see here the usa home page of Walmart for shopping online . From the start page you can do the following:

  • Search in all shopping departments using the top bar.
  • Navigate using the three horizontal lines on the left side of your screen. Here you access all the wallmart departments for shopping.


Deals in Shop

You will find tipically in the main screen of website the most important deals updated daily. “Deals you don’t want to miss”. In special dates like black friday or the holidays the number of deals increases as well as the promotions and discounts. deals


Shopping Departments of

You can see in the following images the main shopping departments of Walmart and the products catalog:

  • Electronics: Electronics include TV and video, computers, laptops, ipads and tablets, video games, smarthome, home audio and theater, cell phones, audio, cameras and camcorders, drones and more.
  • Home: Home include products of kitchen appliances and dining, furniture, storage and organisation, bed and bath, matresses, home decor, patio and garden, kids home and christmas decor and more.
  • Auto and tyres: Auto and tyres include tires, oils and fluids, replacement parts, auto electronics, exterior and interior accesories, car safety and security, fuel storage and more.
  • Toys: Toys include dolls accesories, building toys, action figures, kids bikes, learning toys, blasters, games, puzzles, electronic, playground equipment and plush.
    • You can search in toys by age (from months to 12 years), popular brands and category to find the perfect kid gift.
  • Food: Food category include snacks, beverages, baking, breakfast, coffes, fresh food and seasonal grocery, chocolate and condiments.
  • Beauty: Beauty section includes fragance, makeup, skincare,  hair, shave, nails. shopping categories catalog items online shopping Grocery

The wallmart grocery is one of the most popular sections of this online shop supermarket. grocery online

Black Friday in

Black friday and also cyber monday are special dates in Walmart. There are special deals online, shopping promotions and discounts. You should visit the Walmart web during these days at least one a day.

Bear in mind that there is a minimum of 35$ to get free shipping in two days. This is the same that we get the rest of the year.

All the discounts and shopping promotions will be available both in the stores and in the online shop website.


Walmart Official Site

The Walmart official site usa home page is


Other special pages of the retail company are the official social networks.



The usa homepage has a specific help section to care about their customers, the help center. You can check in the website about the shipment times and policy and the terms of use, returns, store pickup, product recalls and the tax exempt program.

Access the Walmart online help section here.

From the help section you have shortcuts to the main sections:

  • my account
  • track my order
  • payment methods accepted policy
  • find a store
  • grocery support site
  • Solve problems
  • Frequently asked questions online shopping customer help


Online Shopping Tips

These are some tips to shop safe. Some are specific for Wal mart and some are more generic for online shops.


Protect your device

Before making your purchases, make sure that the device you are using is properly protected and with the system and applications properly updated. If you do not have antivirus, this would be a good time to install one, and if you have it, make sure it is updated to the latest version and that you have a valid license to go to the technical support service in case you you need


Buy online at trusted stores

Many times we find what we need in online stores that we don’t know or with few references. Before making your purchase taking advantage of that irresistible offer, check out the web to find out who they are. Check the shipping and return conditions, and just in case, do a Google search of opinions or experiences of other users buying from that store.

If it is some kind of scam, you can find out before buying by reading what others have shared about the store


Secure connections

If you have decided to buy from an online store, be sure to check that the type of connection used when entering personal data or credit card is secure enough to prevent data theft. We can check this type of connections in our browser, observing if the letters “https” appear in the web address at the beginning or we can even show a padlock or highlight the green URL.

In addition, you have to be careful when connecting to public WiFi networks, since your data can be intercepted in this type of networks, especially if you provide them on websites that do not use a secure protocol such as HTTPS.


Beware of irresistible offers

Beware of irresistible offers. Online stores are an excellent place to find bargains, that is unquestionable, but these types of offers are also a resource widely used by cybercriminals to deceive users.

Watch especially those products offered by individuals in second-hand portals that are priced too good to be true. A simple Google search of the image of the article can help you discover when you’re facing a scam.



More than a security measure, here we would be talking about privacy. And is that some stores request a lot of user information when purchasing the product. Our advice is to fill in only the one that is absolutely essential and do not provide additional information since you never know where that data will end.


Pay, as far as possible, with systems that facilitate claims

Currently, we have many means of payment that can help us recover our money if we have been deceived. Credit cards usually include some type of insurance and we can even generate our own virtual card to prevent funds from being withdrawn directly from our bank account.

Other options such as Paypal and similar offer additional protection to the buyer, since they handle the claims themselves and, acting as intermediaries, are able to block payments in the event that there is a problem between seller and buyer.


Use robust passwords

They are still the most widespread authentication mechanism when creating an account to buy from an online store.

That is why they need to be robust enough and do not use them in more than one online store. In addition, we can complement them with double-factor authentication mechanisms so that, if they are stolen, they cannot access our accounts and place orders on our behalf.


Keep a copy of receipts and invoices

That the purchase is online does not mean that you cannot have an electronic invoice to claim, for example, warranty issues.

It is important that you keep a copy of the invoices issued by the online store, invoices that are usually sent along with the product purchased but which we can also access normally in the corresponding section of our account.