A mystery still remains as to the relationship between vibrations and psychic phenomena. Vibrations are recognized as invisible operators within conversations, singing, and music.

Such is definitely described in a short story about Mrs. Crandon. Walter, a character states,»We walk on the vibrations of your laughingthe control of `Margery’ (Mrs. Crandon).» Walter claimed to get half of the energy needed for the phenomenon from the playing of phonograph records. As the sound energy came from the recordings it transformed into other forms of energy.

In the Bible Elisha is said to have sent for minstrels to play for him so that the hand of the Lord would come upon him.

The tenor Caruso would shatter crystal glasses when hitting high notes. Also soldiers have to break step when crossing a bridge.

There are many legends of the miraculous power of music. Among Indian religious beliefs it is thought that the world was created by subtle vibrations which corresponds to the Biblical quotation, «And God said» Experiments have demonstrated that certain music stimulate plant growth.

Although there is no definite scientific evidence as to how music facilitates psychical phenomena it appears to be more emotional than anything else. Certain music causes greater relaxation and enjoyment in people. And, the reverse is also true, certain sounds tend to make some people nervous or frighten them. Some people who are artistically creative prefer to work at night and in the early morning hours, claiming that the noise that normally occur during the day distract them.

In modern witchcraft the generation of vibrations plays an important part in such ceremonies as Drawing Down the Moon in which the high priestess invokes the Goddess. Frequently such ceremonies includes petitions for things and favors wanted from the Goddess and other deities. Often such ceremonies involve the cone of power where clapping of hands, chanting, singing, and dancing occur to the accompaniment of instruments. The vibrations produced by this activity can produce states of altered consciousness and ecstasy. A.G.H.

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