Vairocanacoming from the sun, in the buddha mythology is the oldest dhyanibuddha, or meditation buddha, originated in India.

He is one of five mystic spiritual counterparts of the human buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism; a product of Adibuddha who represents the branch of the cosmos concerned with the bodily form.

His origination is from the white mantra syllable OM and lives in the highest paradise. His icon is usually placed in the innermost part of a stupa or shrine.

His Shakti is Vajradhatvisvari and he is normally accompanied by a lion or two dragons. His color is white, and attributes are three monkish robes and the prayer wheel. When honored as the tutelary god, in Lamaism, of Tibet his attributes include the bell and prayer wheel.

He possesses several emanations. A.G.H.


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