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Utu was a sun god, Mesopotamian (Sumerian) [Iraq); worshipped from about 3500 BC to 1750 BC and his cult center was Sippar. This deity was the power of sunlight and, in a social context, of justice and the implementation of law. He was the son of the moon god¬†Nanna¬†and the goddess¬†Ninlil; his brother and sister were¬†Iskur¬†and¬†Inanna. It is said that he rises “in the mountains of the east” and sets “in the mountains of the west.” He is usually depicted as wearing a horned helmet and carrying a saw edged weapon not unlike a pruning saw, which it was thought that he has used to cut through the side of the mountain from which he emerges, symbolizing the dawn. He may also carry a mace and stand with one foot on the mountain.¬†A.G.H.


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