Turquoise Amulet and healing properties

Turquoise has properties that help vision and promotes youth. It is a good amulet for preventing horsemen from having accidents, and from becoming weary. It supposedly moves itself when any danger threatens its possessor.

Turquoise, known for its distinct blue-green hue, is a gemstone that has been valued for centuries not only for its beauty but also for its purported healing properties. It holds a special place in various cultural and historical contexts, often used in jewelry and amulets.

turquoise stone

Healing Properties of Turquoise

Vision and Youthfulness

One of the key attributes associated with turquoise is its ability to aid vision and promote youthfulness. In the practice of gem healing, turquoise is often turned to for its supposed benefits in enhancing eyesight and maintaining a youthful appearance or vitality.


Turquoise as an Amulet

Protection for Horsemen

Turquoise has traditionally been considered a protective stone, particularly for horsemen. It is believed to serve as a good amulet, preventing accidents and reducing fatigue for those who ride horses. This belief underscores the stone’s historical significance, especially in cultures where horse riding was integral to daily life and warfare.


Anticipating Danger

Another intriguing aspect of turquoise is the belief that it can move or change in some way when danger is imminent for its possessor. This property has contributed to its reputation as a powerful protective amulet, capable of alerting the wearer to potential threats or harm.


Turquoise in Gem Healing


Holistic Healing and Protection

In gem healing, turquoise is viewed not just as a physical aid but also as a stone that offers emotional and spiritual protection. It’s thought to provide a sense of calm and well-being, helping to balance emotions and spirit.


Cultural Significance

The use of turquoise as a healing and protective stone is deeply embedded in various traditions and cultures. Its significance extends beyond its physical properties, encompassing a rich tapestry of historical and spiritual meanings.