Thought forms program use – Positive emotional and negative


Most of us have heard thought forms, but just what are they, what are they composed of, how are they created and what are they used for?

A thought form is a structured interdimensional energy form intentionally created to carry out a specific task for which it has been programmed. It is created by you with the co-operative efforts of the universe.

They are nonphysical entities which exist in either the mental or astral plane. Each entity is created from the thought. Every thought is said to generate vibrations in the aura’s mental body, which assume a floating form and colors depending on the nature and intensity of the thought. These thought-forms are usually seen by clairvoyants; and may be intuitively sensed by others.

Theosophists and clairvoyants Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater placed thought-forms in three classifications:

  1. The image of the thinker (see Bilocation);
  2. An image of a material object associated with the thought;
  3. An independent image expressing the inherent qualities of the thought.


Thoughts which are of a low nature, such as anger, hate, lust, greed, and so on, create thought-forms which are dense in color and form. Thought of a more spiritual nature tend to generate forms possessing a greater purity, clarity, and refinement.

Thought-forms can be directed toward anyone, but to be effective they must latch onto a similar vibration in the other person’s aura. If they are unable to do so, they can boomerang back on the sender. Thus, working according to the occult theory, one who directs evil toward another runs the risk of having it return.

The strength and clarity of the original thought determines the duration, strength and the distance of travel of its developed thought-form. It is said that thought-forms can have the capability to assume their own energy and appear to be intelligent and independent. Equally strong thought-forms can disperse them, or they may disintegrate when their purpose has been accomplished. Some may stay in existence for years, while others can become uncontrollable and turn on their senders.

Thought-forms, in magic, are also called «artificial elements,» which are created through ritual involving intense concentration, repetition, and visualization. (see Egrigor) They can be directed toward individuals to protect or heal, or to harm. Also, thought-forms can be created to perform low-level tasks and errands.

Other thought-forms can occur spontaneously, for example, «Group minds» that emerge whenever a group of people concentrate on the same thought, ideas, or goals, such as a team of employees or a crowd of demonstrators. To a certain extent the group-mind possesses the group, such is seen in psychic bonding and power that coalesces in crowds, and in the synergy of a close-knit working group. Usually when the group disbands the power of the group-mind dissipates too.

A TF is different than the random thoughts we have every day which also create, positively or negatively, but are chaotic and without structure. Common thoughts, as I call them, take on a life of their own, seek out areas of like energy to combine with and become even more powerful. Most of humanity is totally unaware of the destructive forces it creates moment by moment with negative thoughts.

But why would someone intentionally create a structured TF. It sounds dangerous and may possibly get out of control. This is true if created out of fear, anger, hate, and revenge. This is called a negative TF and is instilled with destructive negative programming. A negative TF is not something to play around with. An individual that creates a thought form for destructive purposes may suffer severe consequences.

On the other hand, creating a TF using valid procedures with love, wisdom, understanding and awareness becomes a very POWERFUL uplifting tool to utilize in many situations which include healing, and removing negative energy. A TF can only do what it’s programming allows. It is like a robot, and has no mind of it’s own.

I have used thought forms for many reasons. It took much time and patience to perfect the process, and is now second nature to me. I didn’t know how to construct them when I first received the information that it was a viable tool. I began by using intuition and knowledge received from my Source (spirit guides). Through the use of my interdimensional sight I could simultaneously observe the results of my directed thoughts in creating a TF and make adjustments as necessary.

Many people have asked if I would also teach them. This document was written to serve that purpose. The creation of a TF is not difficult. I outline the procedure step by step. Simply follow the directions and you will have at your disposal a very POTENT tool that very few people have any knowledge of. Remember that it is also a creation of the universe, treat it with respect.

Now let us get on with the process. A TF can be created in any image you wish. Use one that best suits your intention or purpose for it. For instance, imagine there are parasites in your body. A TF could be created which looked like a small robot carrying a container. You would instruct the robot to search the entire body securing all the parasites in the container and upon completion put the container in a rocket and send it to the universe.

Other examples might be…A high-powered suction device to remove a negative substance, a bulldozer to remove obstacles, a magnet to remove impurities from the circulatory system. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination and what feels right.



NOTE…The word «input » means, send these directions to the TF as part of it’s programming.

  1. Determine precisely what the TF is to accomplish. Be very specific.
  2. Tell your Spirit Guides what you want to do and ask them to work with
    you. Request the wisdom necessary to create in a positive emotional and loving manner.
  3. Construct the TF image in your mind. Be creative. With an attitude of love visualize if you can, or imagine the form you wish it to take.
  4. Input…The thoughts…»mercy, love and compassion». This ensures that frequencies of a positive nature become an integral part of your creation.
  5. Input…It’s purpose or mission. Be very specific. Example…Locate and remove all parasites from the entire body.
  6. Input…Parameters to work within. Example…Remove all parasites without harming any cell in the body.
  7. Input…Give it tools you wish it to use. Example…A container with unlimited capacity to place the parasites in. (Never use tools which cause harm, i.e. firearms, explosives, etc.).
  8. Input…You are «invulnerable» with unlimited energy to accomplish your task. You have the power of the Universe to draw upon.
  9. Input…You have unlimited capacity. Example…It has unlimited capacity to absorb anything without damage. There is unlimited capacity so it always has more than
    enough of whatever it needs to accomplish any task.
  10. Input…You have unlimited maneuverability. With this input it can always avoid anything coming it’s way. Example…while removing impurities from the blood stream, it may encounter and avoid white blood cells.
  11. Input…Complete your task without harm to anyone or anything.
  12. Input…Return to the nothingness from which you came after completion of your mission. (At this time reiterate it’s purpose or mission.)

These are basic instructions to build upon. As you become familiar with them you may wish to add others and customize your procedures. Remember…Never use tools which are destructive. Do not attempt to destroy anything.

Although you cannot destroy, a negative attitude will prevail and the TF will be created as negative. Always have a loving attitude when creating a thought form.

Use Thought Forms whenever the need arises. Do not change programming once its task has begun. Just tell it to abort the mission and return to the nothingness from which it came. Send it on it’s way with love and thanks then create another one with your revised program. Use it wisely and it will serve you well.

Rev. Len Romska