Third Eye Chakra

The third-eye chakra which is the sixth chakra in the body is located in the brain. This chakra point is on the forehead, between the eyebrows and this is why it is called the ‘brow chakra.’ In Sanskrit, it is called Ajna, and it is the seat of our consciousness, insight and intuition.



The symbol of this chakra is a lotus flower with two petals and an inverted triangle in a circle between the leaves. The color purple or indigo also represent it.


The sixth chakra



Meaning – What Does the Third-eye Chakra Do?

As a symbol of consciousness, the brow chakra has an impact on:

  • Understanding the spiritual realm
  • Your ability to dream and realize your aspirations and goals
  • Your emotional and psychological health
  • Feelings of accomplishment and redundancy
  • Your intuitive feelings


Why Should You Open Your Third Eye?

Working on opening your sixth chakra will help you:

  • Improve your intuition
  • It will help you cultivate your psychic ability
  • You will understand what gifts you have, for example, clairvoyance, healing or a medium.
  • It can help you manifest your heart’s desires.


How to Know if Your Third-eye is Open

There a few things you may experience during the process of opening the third eye or sixth chakra. These symptoms vary from individual to individual, but the most common ones are:

  • A Slight feeling of pressure on the forehead or in between the brows
  • Headaches could also be caused by increased energy surges
  • Sensitivity to light or increased sensitivity to sound
  • Accessing different dimensions of consciousness; This could also be seen in an increased intuitive feeling
  • Disruption of your regular thought process, which could be followed by the formation of a different way of processing information. This could also lead to a newfound realization that coincidences do not just occur.
  • Increased focus on finding your life’s purpose or a change of what you felt was your purpose. The opening of the third eye changes how you perceive things; this can also lead you to start examining the various aspects of your life differently.
  • While your third eye is opening, you may experience vivid dreams.


Symptoms of an Imbalance of the Third Eye Chakra

An imbalance of the third eye chakra can be caused by a blockage of energy, an energy deficiency, or an overactive third eye. Symptoms of an imbalance of the third eye chakra include:

  • Nervous behavior
  • Inability to concentrate or focus on tasks
  • Emotional distress or imbalance
  • Psychological stress and depression
  • Experiencing hallucinations and illusions
  • Failure to grasp spiritual occurrences
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Heart problems
  • Feeling lackluster about life and your purpose
  • Feeling indecisiveness
  • Anxiety and fearfulness



How to Restore Balance to Your Third-eye Chakra

If you believe your chakra is not balanced and you would like to have your balance restored, there are a few ways to achieve this:

  • By practicing yoga: Some yoga poses can help heal your third-eye chakra. The child’s pose and eagles pose are especially recommended for balancing the brow chakra.
  • Sound therapy: The use of healing sounds to reset the vibrational balance of the body, mind and ensure overall healing.
  • Using essential oils: Essential oils like clary sage, frankincense, and rosemary can be used to anoint the area in between the eyebrows or the wrists as a way of balancing and cleansing the third eye.
  • Using healing crystals: Crystals can be used for healing imbalanced or blocked chakras. You can place crystals in your surroundings or hold it while meditating. You can also put the gemstone on your forehead while meditating to restore your balance. Crystals like quartz, amethyst, and moonstone are great for healing the third –eye chakra. If you are adept at crystal healing, you could form a crystal grid for this purpose.
  • Other methods of chakra healing include reiki, chakra balancing meditation techniques, use of positive affirmations and acupressure.
  • The foods you eat can also positively affect your third-eye chakra. Eat purple cabbage, eggplant, grapes, and blueberries to promote a balance of your chakra. Consumption of Deep purple foods is encouraged when trying to boost and heal the third-eye chakra. Dark chocolate and foods rich in Omega 3 can also help you maintain a balanced brow chakra.

Balancing and healing your brow chakra once is not enough. You may experience blockage later due to factors like life change, going through a transitional period, loss or a feeling of uncertainty and self-doubt.


Problems that Can Occur after the Third-eye Chakra has been Opened

Also, it is essential to be adequately prepared for the risks of opening the third eye. Some of the risks are listed below:

  • The brow chakra affects intuition and understanding of the spiritual. It is possible that you could wrongly interpret mystical occurrences.
  • Opening the third eye chakra can expose you to spiritual entities. This could make you afraid if you are unprepared.
  • Forcing the third eye open could make you feel overwhelmed and possibly crazy because of the wealth of information you are being exposed to.  


How to Close Your Third Eye

Moreover, it is possible that opening one’s third eye could do more harm than good. Especially when you are unprepared for the realm the third eye opens to you. If you choose to, it is possible to close your third eye. Ways to close your third eye include:

  • Using Daoist meditation to close the third eye: While doing standing meditation, You use the third eye to consume the world, press it to your feet and then the earth. However, this meditation requires an in-depth study.
  • Visualize the third eye being closed.
  • Stop all spiritual activities or action you used to open your third eye initially. This includes yoga and meditation.
  • Eating unhealthy foods or junk foods can also help to diminish the effectiveness of the third eye.
  • Stop using electronic devices; this is because they encourage the activity of the Ajna.



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In conclusion, the third eye chakra is potent. Before attempting to open it or make use of it, you should read about it and know what to expect. If need be, get guidance from a teacher who can help you through this process. Forcefully opening your third eye without preparation is dangerous for your psychological well-being and your physical and emotional health.