Theosophical concept of evil

The theosophical concept of evil as stated in The Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky is not the negative result of a thought but rather the opposing Power generated by the “thought per se: something which, being … Read more

Spiritual plane

Spiritual plane, occurring beyond time, space, and human comprehension, in occultism is the highest of the levels of existence, the primary level of creative power from which all other levels … Read more

Seven rays of theosophy

The Seven Rays of Theosophy form a modern hierarchy of beauty and power called speculative by some by has inspired works of art. This is certainly the hierarchy of the Masters who … Read more

Root Races

Root race according to Theosophy was and is a major phase in the development of the human consciousness in its interaction with the material world. Each endures for a long period of … Read more


Moksha is a Sanskrit word meaning to release or to set free. In Theosophical teachings that when a monad has evolved and become successively a man, a Planetary Spirit, a Brahman, and … Read more

Mahatmas or masters of wisdom

To Helena Blavatsky the earlier civilizations such as the Egyptians and Greeks understood esoteric wisdom better than modern societies which made their teachings more proficient in the occult arts. The teachers of … Read more

The curse of Karma

The “curse of karma” as Helena Blavatsky describes in The Secret Doctrine is suffering through reaping the effects of past actions which has been visited upon man for his abuse of creative powers. This … Read more


Avichi is the Theosophist concept of hell, which is derived from the Sanskrit for “isolation.” Although a place of torment it greatly differs from the ordinary conception of hell, chiefly because … Read more