The Vatican and Exorcisms

Exorcism a T Stokes article

The late pope is said by Vatican experts to have performed only 3 exorcisms in his 23 year reign as pontiff. The controversial African Archbishop Malingo, has performed more than can be put on record. But since 1999 the Vatican has brought in the first series of changes since 1614. Christian Theologians have brought back belief in the Devil to the forefront of Christian teaching, after many years of discouraging the belief.

The Vatican’s answer to the interest in new Age studies, led by the Catholic expert Gabriele Amorth has been a growing attack on what they refer to as, «tools of the Devil,» which ranges from the internet, to obsessions with angels, astrology and Spiritualism. The latest report by the esteemed university, Theology Regina, claims half a million Italians have come into contact with «Active Satanism» or evil sects this last year alone. This is a landmark change from the trend in the use of psychiatry and anti-depressants, back to church ritual.

Plus a bid to gain control of spiritual seekers by reintroducing the fear element in the form of the devil and of burning in hell etc. The main body of change comes within the 17 page exorcism guidelines, which is obstructive to giving an exorcism to those in need, if they are non-church goers. Help or fraternisation with people like myself, who are interdenominational exorcists, is expressly forbidden, it is often forgotten that catholic exorcisms are suitable for dead Catholics, but not only do they often not work for a non catholic, they can anger a controlling spirit. Exorcism or as it is now largely called, deliverance, is an essential part of any healers repertoire, and more point scoring against Spiritualism and New Age subjects is not helpful to those in need.

A phone call to the Vatican City tourist office, to ask about any differences the recent changes has brought about, elicits the information of a surge in crime particularly with pickpockets and rent boys, but not any noticeable difference in religious matters.

The Interspiritual Forum, has had years of dialogue, just thrown away by a church who say it cannot «Err» or make mistakes in what they teach, and this means every concession has been made by us. The flat refusal to recognise the spiritual ground breaking, and other good community work that is done in the name of free Spiritual seekers, and to still refer to us all as «necromancers sinners and pagans» is far from helpful.

One of the main obstructions is to Tarot cards, so with the forums agreement, I designed a pack with Christian saints on, for Christian study and prayer groups, a year later and the bridge building has been hard work, but the main success has been the progressive attitude to hands on healing by some bishops, and remember most exorcisms get their diagnosis from healers, and not just depressive illness but surprising things like children with A.D.H.D and autism, self harmers and eating disorders, are particularly helped by healing and on occasion with exorcism.

There is still much to discuss, especially in defining what are mental health issues, and those of obsession and possession. Many churches still believe in the doctrine of «Malism» in this the 21st century, which states this world, as stated in the bible is ruled by the devil, and we are all at risk, and we have to be extremely careful. Certainly I would urge caution in any involvement in occultism, superstition or Primitive religious beliefs.

T. stokes