The Star Chamber: A Cosmic Sphere of Mystical Power

The Star Chamber is a sphere of transparent crystal suspended in deep space. Necessary dimensions can be exacted to meet requirements. Entrance is through visualization of the eight-rayed chaos star that becomes a whirling vortex.

At the center of the chamber is a crystal pillar, set a waist height. When the individual places his hands on the pillar, the entire chamber shimmers with a brief flash of purple indicating that he is in complete control of its functions The Star Chamber has became both an astral temple and a vehicle by which one can travel through the multiverse.

The vehicle becomes a time machine; one can move to any point in time-space with the placement of his hands on the pillar and the assertion of his will.

Also, from the walls of the chamber may extrude various devices for performing different tasks such as globes for scrying and generating Servitors, bizarre energy projectors for generating desires, or baffles and collectors for collecting the radiation of black holes. A.G.H.


Definition and meanings

The Star Chamber, an enigmatic sphere of transparent crystal suspended in the depths of space, defies conventional understanding. This article unravels the mysteries surrounding this celestial construct, delving into its dimensions, functions, and the extraordinary experiences it offers to those who enter its realm.


The Celestial Architecture of the Star Chamber

  • Dimensions Beyond Measure: An examination of the adjustable dimensions of the Star Chamber, tailored to meet the unique needs of those who seek its wonders.
  • The Portal of Visualization: The fascinating process of accessing the chamber through the eight-rayed chaos star, transforming it into a swirling vortex.


Harnessing Cosmic Control: The Crystal Pillar

  • The Heart of the Chamber: Insights into the central crystal pillar, its significance, and the transformative power it holds.
  • The Purple Enigma: Understanding the ethereal shimmer of purple that signifies mastery over the chamber’s functions.


The Star Chamber as an Astral Temple

  • Portal to the Multiverse: Unveiling how the Star Chamber transcends its physical presence to become a vessel for astral exploration.
  • Journey Through Time: A cosmic time machine, revealing how one can traverse time and space by mere touch and will.


Devices of Cosmic Marvels

  • The Walls of Enigma: An exploration of the chamber’s mystical walls, which yield an array of devices for diverse mystical tasks.
  • Tools of Transformation: Discovering the globes, energy projectors, baffles, and collectors that enable users to manipulate reality and harness cosmic energies.



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