The Secret Law Of Attraction, Definition, Effects, Quotes, Books and Movies


What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction means being able to attract whatever one wants in life by focusing one’s mind’s eye on what one wants, whether positive or negative. In philosophy, the belief is based on the principle that humans are made of energy, likewise their thoughts.

It is, therefore, possible for a person to have a better life and improve their health, wealth and personal relationships.  Though it has no scientific basis, the belief, its advocates regard it as mind power.

They usually merge affirmations, cognitive reframing techniques, and creative visualizations to replace restrictive or pessimistic (self-destructive) thoughts with positive (adaptive) thoughts.  

The central component of the philosophy is that one must believe that the positive changes have already taken place. That can be achieved through creative visualization.

There is a belief that this blend of positive emotion and thought enables a person to “attract” positive opportunities and experiences.

Due to the low scientific evidence, several researchers have referred to this concept as a practice that lacks no factual evidence and criticized its proponents of abuse of scientific theories.

The Law of Attraction supports the idea that the Universe provides and creates for us that which our thoughts are focused on. Many people believe it is a Universal Law of “like Always attracts like.”

Positive thoughts always have positive results while negative ideas will have an adverse outcome.  

LOA may seem like generalizations to the unbelievers, who may think it is silly that thinking about a luxury mansion will bring you an estate indeed. Initiates, however, will consider questioning the validity as blasphemy


the law of attraction


The History 

It is imperative to know the origin of the Law of Attraction before you embrace it and utilize it as a tool to seek true enlightenment. The beliefs and practices of LOA have been used throughout the course of history.

The movement began in the early 19th century with the doctrines of Phineas Quimby, who was diagnosed with tuberculosis early in his life.

Quimby started carriage riding through his town when, unfortunately, curative treatment failed to improve his condition. He later recovered from the illness and became healthy, and this made him start studying the concept of mind over body.

His fundamental principle was similar even though it was confined only to health and he never used the words “law of attraction”.

According to him, the human body is just a house for the mind to dwell in, so if your mind is not in good condition, it is bound to result in illness to your body. Quimby claimed he carries out the healing of a person’s body by correcting the wrong impressions in the mind; mentally and by talking.

The term Law of attraction came into print for the first time in 1877 in Helen Blavatsky’s book “Isis Unveiled,” which detailed the mysterious secrets of ancient theosophy.

The idea became more popular with New thought authors who incorporated other aspects of life, not just health.

More new thought authors continued to propagate the idea of LOA and the 20th century witnessed more authors joining the campaign, a major example is Napoleon Hill with his best-selling book-“Think and Grow Rich”.

The law of attraction, therefore, remains a new thought philosophical idea.


The Law of Attraction and Karma

With the spread of the idea, “What you become is what you have thought,” also came the concept of “Karma,” which has been adopted by many in the society.

The belief has been substantiated over the centuries that what one gives life is what come s back to the person in the end, whether hate or love, happiness or anger).

The popularity of this concept of Karma points to the fact that the law of attraction has already become recognizable to us in many ways. The basic principles o LOA are also present in the doctrines and teachings of several civilizations and religious groups.

Evidence of the belief is said to have been taught in diverse ways, however, it is still there or humanity to discover. Believers of this idea often quote proofs recorded in early teachings such as the Bible in Proverbs 23:7 which reads, ”As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”


Modern Science and Law of Attraction

More facts are emerging concerning LOA in the last few years. Quantum physicists have provided enlightenment on the on the mind’s extraordinary effect on our lives and the Universe as a whole.

The more facts that about LOA that is uncovered by scientists, the higher our knowledge of how powerful our mind is and the vital role it plays in molding our lives and everything around us.



New thought authors have over time buttressed the fact that the moment we come to understand the fantastic possibilities that life has in store for us, we can also realize that we determine what we make of it.

Life is like a big blank canvas, and we are artists who decide what the final picture would look like by visualizing what we want and taking actions. If you do not like the picture, you can change it.  

Whatever you hope to achieve, if you can see it in your mind’s eye, it can come to pass, with some effort from you.

Some areas in one’s life where the law of attraction can play a significant role are; love and relationships, attracting money and wealth, improving your mental and physical health, and becoming successful.



The official book about the law of attraction is the Secret, a book by Rhonda Byrne.

There are also many other books that explain the science, teachings, understandings and more about it.




There are two movies about this topic:

  • 2006: The Secret. A documentary about this topic.
  • 2018: The Secret Movie. A movie based on the secret book by Rhonda Byrne.




We often become what we think we are. If I think I can not do something, it makes me unable to do it. When I think I can, I acquire the ability to do it, even if I did not have it at the beginning. Gandhi


What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our current thoughts build our tomorrow’s life: Our life is the creation of our mind. Buddha


Wealth is not what you have. It’s about who you are. Bob Proctor


For a person to radically alter his thoughts, and be surprised at the rapid transformation that will occur in the material conditions of his life. Napoleon Hill


The mind has been compared to a piece of paper that has been folded. Later it has tendency to bend by the same fold, unless we make a new fold that draws different lines. William Walker Atkinson


When you are happy, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity around you, you become a sun, at the center of each constellation, and people want to be close to you. Shannon L. Alder


Meditation brings wisdom; The lack of meditation leaves you in ignorance. Know well what drives you and what prevents you, and choose the path that leads to wisdom. Buddha


What your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve. Napoleon Hill


The Law of Attraction affirms that everything you focus on your thoughts, your dialogue and your reading in an intense way, is what you will attract the most to your life. Jack Canfield


You have to be aware of your thoughts, you must choose your thoughts carefully and have fun with them, because you are the masterpiece of your own life. Joe Vitale


Any idea, plan or purpose can be placed in the mind thanks to the repetition of thought. Napoleon Hill


In Summary

Law of attraction is simply the power that all humans possess to attract whatever they are focusing on into their lives. The school of thought believes that no matter nationality, age or religious belief, we are all inclined to the laws of the Universe, and this includes the Law of Attraction.

Simply put, whatever is our thought is translated by the Law of Attraction and brought to reality using the power of the mind.

In other words, all dreams become a reality eventually, so if one’s focus is always on doom and gloom, that cloud will always hover over the person.

However, someone that always has positive thoughts and goals to achieve will find a way to fulfill his or her dream by taking action.

For this reason, the Universe is considered as a wonderful place, since whatever we can imagine and hold on to in our mind’s eye is possible to achieve if we plan and work towards it.