The prospective partner

Matchmaking from palm-prints
A case suggestive of reincarnation

by T Stokes, lecturer in paranormal studies

A lot of the male palm-prints I receive are sent in by women, searching for information on prospective new relationships. Incomers to Britain from the Indo/Pak sub-continent have brought with them some educative ideas in many realms, particularly medicine, philosophy and astrological match-making called Synastry.

Modern palmistry mainly uses the 4 basic hand shape system, of Air Earth Fire and Water. But esoteric palmistry examines the 7 shapes of traditional palmistry. And this can be allied to the 7 major planets of astrological theory and their correlation to the 7 chakras, and the 7 angels o biblical lore, and all this shows in the hand. The strongest chakra will show the soul level in the hand-print. Giving much information in which realm the soul acted previously.

This hand print was sent from a wealthy young business woman, who has sent me in some shockers in the past. But this one is a superb example of a good catch, this man has everything, but her main desire is for a younger man, not muscular but slim and fit, not a problem drinker or problem footballer, and emotionally articulate and her intellectual equal.

A very tall order, but at last she has struck gold. We see the head line, lower of the two crossing lines, ( figure 1 ) Roman palmistry called this the «table line» and a good table line was deep and flat, we call this being «level headed» as it gives a steady outlook and personality.

The four stable corners, seen in the capable square palm, was seen by ancient hand readers as representing the four corners of the Roman Empire, and was an essential aspect for all military commanders. Pontius Pilate a studious intellectual, was said to study palmistry, to impress Julius Caesar a known master, and Pontius, was said by historians to have asked to see the hand of Jesus, and finding a good «table line» did not want to hand him over to the zealots, (hard line Jews). The hand illustrated has the best kind of table or head line, the joining with the life line over the thumb, (2) is slight and only a touching join, showing caution and sensitivity, it harmonises well with the heart line above, always look for a balance between the two. It is a long line, symbolising «long headed ness», or ability to plan far ahead, and to see much further down the line, an essential quality in leadership, and it ends with a fork, showing ability to see other viewpoints, and descriptive ability. (3) Psychologists tell us men are notorious for single mindedness, not this man, not at all. The line has no breaks gaps bars or digs, this is good news, as he is intelligent, in a quiet way, which always inspires confidence in women, yet is emotionally aware.

The forked heart line ending between the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn, (4) gives passion, and common sense, forked lines to head and heart are said to be «lucky» and are called by the ancient Hindu’s and the medieval Christians «the sign of the fish.» He has both crossing lines forked, the real meaning is that they give flexibility to both the emotional fields and the intellectual infrastructure.

The first thing to notice when you look at hands is for «balance» both in character, romance, and the areas of both career and the spiritual. This one shows balance in a broad palm, with strong lines of head and fate. The Fate or central line coming up the middle of the palm can show a military leader today, as in roman times. (5) Interestingly, according to Hindu, and Tibetan palmistry, a fate line that starts like this from the bracelet line, is often a sign of re-incarnation, a signpost of awareness for an important life purpose.

Red Indian palmistry believes this to be a sign of being chosen by the gods for a particular destiny. Always look for the first or Jupiter finger to be the same size as the Apollo or third finger, balance again, this time in ambition, self image and emotional health.

The mesomorph body type is physically strong and active, but remember that Constitutional psychology asserts that a persons physique, determines their behaviour and attitudes, and this mans athletic build makes him ideal for any military type career, and this shows repeatedly in his hand.

Unusual however is a «full hand» with many lines seen in combination with a square or earth hand, this would show love of the outdoors but sensitive and caring to the environment, e.g. outdoor leadership, with a caring face. This man is well balanced and honourable.

Women who send in these prints are often more interested in bad points than the good, And I always write a separate sheet with possible unwholesome aspects and tendencies, however the only downside to this prospective partnership, is the difference in earning capacities, which could present problems, and the digital arch finger print on the Jupiter finger tip.

A seven year study by the john Hopkins university, shows that 93% of people have loops or whorl finger-prints, but this print shows what is strangely known as a «roman arch.» Which is strongly linked to C.I.P or chronic intestinal psuedo-obstruction, Giving possible weight loss, nausea and stomach pain, at some point.Research Palmists say this is most likely to be from nutrient starvation in the womb.On the whole this man has it all, my advice was to take it further with caution, but the omens were very good in terms of a future partner, in fact if my daughter was older I would invite this man home.

I always like a follow up communication, mainly to make sure that my words are not misunderstood. It pleased me immensely to know that the stumbling block of finances was overcome and that they both now felt compelled to join a historical re-enactment group, where she said her well-to-do mother would have a fit, if she saw her and her new fella selling ice creams dressed as centurions.

Happy palmistry!

T Stokes